They sent an extra FIFA 18 Coins defender

They sent an extra FIFA 18 Coins defender to make him take tough shots or force him to give up the ballWade is good enough that he managed to get six points but a lot of possessions just died in his hands Some of his passes came late in the shot clock leaving his teammates no choice but to pull the trigger on a contested jump shot Even when he found

someone open they couldn’t punish the defenseIn the same span the Hornets had Walker initiate five possessions Lin three possessions and Batum two possessions while also running a set play out of a timeout for a Marvin Williams’ threepointer The Heat couldn’t focus all of their efforts on containing just one guy They had to

account for everyone on the court which stretched their defense thin The Hornets definitely made tough shots late but they have players that can do that and empower them to be aggressive instead of standing around waiting for a savior like Miami doesFacing elimination and after three losses a case could be made that it’s now the

Heat’s time to make an adjustment¬†Buy FIFA 18 Coins The problem is there’s no obvious move to be made The big men in their bench are fringe players at this point and Chris Bosh is out for the season Their two best subs are rookies who have performed admirably but can’t be reasonably expected to do better in an even bigger role Erik Spoelstra will just


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