The gameThe poe currency Rockets

The gameTheĀ poe currency Rockets bounced back ahead in the third quarter and opened up a point fourthquarter lead but the Spurs like death taxes zombies and Tim Duncan never truly go away With a couple more made looks in the fourth quarterand there were some makeable shotswe could be telling a different story As it is though Houston just

picked up a signature win on their home courtThe Rockets are trying harder on national televisionHouston has improved under JB Bickerstaff but the fault for the Rockets’ dismal start didn’t fall squarely on former head coach Kevin McHale’s shoulders In many instancesHouston simply wasn’t playing hard slacking in transition or

sagging off their man for no real reasonGames like this one show what Houston can do when they do try Maybe the threat of getting embarrassed on national television on Christmas Day brought the best out of them Maybe the younger more relatable Bickerstaff really is getting through to them in ways McHale couldn’t It’s weird that

effort could be a seriousĀ poe currency buy problem for a professional team but Houston’s defense on Friday much more resembled last year’s No ranked unit than this season’s No ranked oneKawhi Leonard is a punisherWe’ve been waiting for the moment when Kawhi Leonard’s shooting percentages finally drop off but maybe that moment won’t e


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