There are lots Maple story M Mesos of MapleStory

There are lots Maple story M Mesos of MapleStory players that have, instead, been part of a much darker 29, while a lot people have been dreaming of a white winter. Developer Nexon has been building up to the last battle with the Black Mage within the holidays and so the MMORPG has been occupied with people attempting to make Determination and XP in a bid to take him down once and for all.

Not precisely festive, huh? Nevertheless, there have been plenty of MapleStory events to take part in over the holidays, and the accession of Santa Boxes meant presents were received by many. But we’re not content with this small dot of merry magic amid all this shadow in MapleStory. Yep, we’re giving away some pet yetis.

We’ve got 500 codes that will provide the lucky winners that the MapleStory Pet Training Master Package (Note: these codes are only redeemable in non-Reboot worlds). You will also receive Automobile Move skill, an Auto HP Potion skill, and Auto Buff skill — all with 90-day durations. Note that the Yeti bracket the Yeti pictured below is — although pictured above isn’t available.

These cute and handy prizes ought to help any MapleStory player locate respite from the darkness of shooting on the Dark Mage. You can’t keep grinding and partying up to down him indefinitely — we need a rest, and what better way than to get to know your pet yeti? Then, it’s time for you to enter this giveaway through the widget under. Please read our terms and conditions before you enter.

A hit in South Korea was released in the Maplestory M Mesos for sale United States. MapleStory 2 has tons to do, including finishing the major story, building and playing minigames, but the real draw is customizing your player and hanging out with other men and women.



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