The card game was something cheap Path of exile currency that

The card game was something cheap Path of exile currency that I was interested in, but I was kept by the queues from having the ability to do anything reasonable. Lots of players weathered the lines to get the opportunity to take Shaper the day down – and most came out of the experience incredibly satisfied with the outcome. “The card game kept myself and others occupied between panels, and it was a great way to meet other players,” ExileCon attendee Cody Johnson told me through Discord later ExileCon had finished. This is a sentiment shared by nearly everyone I talked to in the occasion. Gears Games brilliantly used the card game to break the ice between gamers and developers, providing them a reason to socialize and match each other.

At many conventions I’ve been to, player and dev interaction is always there, however, there are plenty of players that keep to themselves or maybe find themselves unable to work up the guts to talk to the developers who make some of their favourite experiences. Truthfully, I find myself feeling like even when I encounter programmers for this job. The ice was broken by the card game at ExileCon for you – to be able to progress you needed to interact with the developers on the floor. It wasn’t without its own issues.

This was something that I witnessed while working in the media room, as programmers constantly streamed into replenish their own card stocks. Some time afterwards, one programmer came in stating they had another zombie – line to combat the zombie had become so large it dwarfed the lineup. It was easy to see how a programmer might get overwhelmed if their monster was the catch of the day so to speak.

But the card game felt to a lot of players as simply playing another edition POE currency of Path of Exile. You would battle monsters to find loot. Unfortunately, the push to play the card game to its fullest meant missing out on the show was felt by some players.


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