18 Wheels of Steel Across America Full version

18 Wheels of Steel Across AmericaValuSoft’s 4th title in the Hard Truck Series.

From trucker to tycoon…You’re the owner of your own trucking business and you answer to no one. Bid on jobs and show ’em you got what it takes to deliver faster than the competition. Manage your money and your business to build your empire one delivery at a time.

Feel the power of 15 mammoth machines as you rumble down the highway at 80 mph. Haul 30+ types of goods including livestock, chemicals and mobile homes, cross country to bring in the big bucks. Rule the roads as you drive your mammoth over 1000s of miles of highway across the continuous 48 states. Control each delivery for maximum payout, but—don’t overload your rigs or damage them during transport. Mistakes cost you money and future jobs.

Though this game is in the bargain bin, it doesnt mean that it sucks. It actually is really fun! It can be slow at the beginning when you cant make times, or are too lazy to hold down the arrows to move around, but overall this is a great game!Gameplay \\ 8/10.

The overall rating for this game is an 8, the reason i think this, is because how somewhat real it is, though you dont pass through ‘Hickville’ or ‘Yonkers’ you still get a good feel of the area your in. The trucks, though they arent named the same as their real life counterparts, are almost the exact same. Though they can get from 0 – 60 MPH in .5 of a second… its pretty good!Graphics \\ 9/10.

The graphics are actually surprisingly good! They dont disappoint, and they have that feeling of… driving on the open road, being a trucker, and not looking back at the others who you drive by them. Most of the time, i definitely regret not having a long piece of wheat in my mouth and my trucker hat, but meh, i have my in game CB!

Sound \\ 10/10

You just cant screw up an engine noise… but oh wait, South Park Rally Racing, you did! They didnt do that here, you fell the REV! through the subwoofer, and your ready to go!Overall, though its a bargain game, big things come from small packages!




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