3 Common Types of Hand Surgery

For most people, the hands represent one’s livelihood. No matter your trade, healthy, functioning, pain-free hands are critical not only to making your living but enjoying life. There are few daily tasks that aren’t made more difficult when your hands are riddled with pain or are inflexible due to any number of medical conditions.

Fortunately, no one has to live with hand pain thanks to advancements in surgical procedures and treatment tactics. If you experience pain caused by prior injuries, arthritis, or some other condition, a hand surgery center in Atlanta can help you regain the use of your hands and return to your previously-painless life. There are numerous surgical interventions that can repair or reduce many common conditions plaguing the hands. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the most common hand surgeries performed in hand surgery centers today.

Carpal Tunnel Release

With the rise of keyboarding in the modern office environment, cases of carpal tunnel syndrome have increased exponentially. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve is pinched as it passes through the carpal tunnel complex in the hand and wrist. In many cases, the condition is caused by repetitive movement and improper hand posture that results in inflammation or swelling. It can lead to pain, numbness, and weakness in the hand. Carpal tunnel release surgery is a simple procedure that allows a surgeon to split the carpal tunnel ligament, which is a primary culprit in carpal tunnel syndrome. The surgery is fast and requires only local anesthetic in most cases.

Ganglion Removal

Ganglions are masses of synovial fluid that leaks from the sac surrounding the joints and tendons in the hand. While the fluid is there to protect those joints and connective tissues, it can become problematic when it leaks. It becomes more viscous and settles in pockets that are called ganglions or cysts. These masses are hard to the touch and can become painful over time depending on their location. They can be removed via a simple surgery or drained with a needle.

Trigger Finger Release

Trigger finger is a condition in which the tendon in the finger becomes enlarged so much that it can no longer slide through the sheath that surrounds it. It is manifested by a finger that will bend but not return to a straightened position. Though it’s not particularly painful, it is inconvenient. Fortunately, it can be remedied with injection or use of a splint to allow the finger to be immobilized until the condition ceases. If neither of those therapies work, it can be repaired with a surgery known as trigger finger release in which the surgeon opens the sheath to allow the tendon to move freely once again.

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, a hand surgery center in Atlanta can help you find relief through hand surgery. Whether you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, painful ganglions, or trigger finger, a highly-qualified surgeon can help you regain full use of your hands through a variety of methods.

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