3 Ways You Can Help Someone with a House Renovation

If you have a friend or family member involved in a renovation you know they could use some help and support. Here are three ways you can lend a hand.

Volunteer Time

Perhaps one of the best ways you can help them is by volunteering your time. You can offer to come over and help paint, hang pictures, move out old furniture, move in new furniture, whatever the case may be. They will be so grateful to have an extra pair of hands, it will help lighten the load, and give you a chance to spend some time together.

If you are not thrilled about doing construction work you can volunteer your time in other ways. You can offer to board their pets, babysit the kids, or offer to run errands if they are stuck at the home. Never underestimate the power of moral support. Stopping by with dinner, a cappuccino, or just getting them out of the house to take a break can be a huge help.

Volunteer Money

The costs for doing a renovation can add up quickly, and there are always unforeseen expenses. One way you can help is to offer to defer some of the extraneous expenses like letting them use your washer and dryer instead of having to pay for coin laundry, taking them out for supper, giving them a gift card for a home-improvement store, etc.

While you should leave the major costs to them, there are some small expenses you can definitely help with, like offering to purchase their decorative switch plates, doorknobs, or handles. These are small amounts that add up to a big help when you can take it off their plate and out of their already tight budget.

Volunteer Opportunities

Keep an open mind about how you might be able to help your loved one with their renovation project. You may have an opportunity to help them in a unique way. Do you work near a store that they order from and could pick up items to save them shipping costs? Do you have a loyalty discount or reward program you could share with them? Do you know how to paint, lay tile, etc. and could offer some tips? Also be open to help them in the way that they want you to. Simply making yourself available is a great step, and then they can utilize you how they need to.

So whether you purchase decorative switch plates, hang pictures, move furniture, babysit, or even just provide a listening ear as they vent their frustrations, there are many opportunities to give your loved one a helping hand during their remodel.

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