A Modern Vanity Cabinet Is an Instant Upgrade

If you’re wanting to renovate your home, but your budget is smaller than your imagination, you can still make some headway by refurbishing a small room, and completing one room at a time. You’ll need to think about your overall concept for the home before you begin to make certain your style stays consistent throughout, but working on one room at a time will bring you more satisfaction quicker than a complete whole-house renovation. Try a powder room or small bathroom first and decide what can stay before you begin the demolition. You don’t want to reconfigure plumbing, so work with what’s already there. One of the best places to begin your renovation is to replace the existing cabinets with modern vanity bathroom cabinets.

How to Replace Cabinets

  • Look through magazine that show bathroom remodels, or do an online search to figure out what styles appeal to you.
  • Measure the space you have available for a cabinet and where the sink is to be placed. Draw a scale model design.
  • For an elegant, sophisticated design choice, look for cabinets with clean lines and frameless construction. This type of design will provide greater access to the shelving for additional storage. The doors should fully overlay the front of the cabinet and be mounted to a sturdy cabinet box.
  • If you choose a wood finish, make certain the grain is horizontal for the drawers, but vertical for the doors.
  • The drawers should be made with dovetail joints and have soft-close drawers with concealed hinges. The drawers should be fully assembled.
  • If your budget only allows for melamine cabinets, make sure the furniture board is ultra dense. These cabinets usually come in white, gray or black, so infuse pops of color with accessories.
  • If you can scale it up a notch, solid maple cabinets add a modern yet warm finish to the room. At the most upper end of the cost spectrum are European style cabinets in a matte, glossy, or textured finish which are the pinnacle of a clean, modern vibe.
  • Check to make sure the cabinets are certified non-toxic for a healthy home.
  • Make use of the manufacturer’s designers who will take your DIY design and review it for proper fit and function.
  • If the new cabinet is a different size from the old, you may have to lay a new floor before you install the cabinet. Check to see if the old flooring exists under the current cabinet. It may not be cost-effective to change the footprint of the cabinet space.

These are the basic steps you’ll go through when searching for modern vanity bathroom cabinets.

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