Air gauge how reading 

Air gauge how reading 

Proper use of tire pressure gauges:

1. The angle between the centerline of the air pressure measuring port and the axis of the meter body is 90 ° -180 °, the scale is a tetragonal, and the range scale value is 0.07Wpa-0.4Wpa. Before reading, gently tap the instrument housing or surface glass with your finger to eliminate friction in the transmission mechanism.

2. During observation, the pointer overlaps with the mirror pointer. At this time, the index value of the pointer is the pressure indication value, and the reading is accurate to one decimal place. Read the temperature indication value on the barometer to the nearest decimal place. 

3. Align the notch on the measuring end of the barometer with the tire valve. At this time, the pointer of the tire pressure gauge is deflected, and its indicating value is the inflation pressure of the tire, or the benchmark of the tire pressure gauge is pushed out under the action of air pressure. The greater the pressure, the more the pointer is biased.


Value of inner ring: pounds per square inch; value of outer ring: kgf / cm2 (engineering atmospheric pressure) = 1.033 standard atmospheric pressure = 1.02 bar.

If it is a car tire, it is generally 2.0 ~~ 2.5bar, not more than 3.5bar;

If it is a light truck tire, it is usually 6 levels, 3.0 ~~ 3.5; 8 levels is 4.0 ~ 4.5bar, and 10 levels is not more than 5.5bar; 

if it is a trailer tire, it is generally not more than 4.2bar.

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Can the dust blower in the factory directly blow the dust on the human body

Can the dust blower in the factory directly blow the dust on the human body? It
is not allowed in all strict senses, but in China, many things have changed. Harmful to no!

The blow gun is mainly used for dust removal in factories and during installation and maintenance. It is most suitable for cleaning in some narrow, high places and in the trachea that are not accessible to some hands. Pneumatic blow guns use the principle of air amplification to effectively reduce the consumption of compressed air, resulting in a powerful and precise airflow that drives the surrounding air to work together.

It is mainly used in places where it is not accessible by hand, such as: narrow gaps, high places, inside the trachea, inside the machine parts, etc.

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Couples can air quick coupler manufacturers opt to have the wedding album covered

When it comes to preserving precious wedding day memories, nothing can take the place of professionally taken photographs. To display and store those priceless “gems,” a quality photo album is a must. Since the wedding album is such an important accessory, sufficient time and consideration should be devoted to selecting the perfect photo book for you. Following are a few of the different types to think about.

Book Bound. The book bound photo album is just what it sounds like–an album with pages that are not removable, but are bound like a book. An advantage to this type of photo book is that you don’t have to worry about pages falling out. A disadvantage is that extra pages cannot be added. When choosing this book, therefore, it is important to pay attention to the number of photos it will hold. Normally these albums are available in 200 or 300 pocket sizes.

Ring Binder. Many couples choose the ring binder-type photo album to be able to add pages as needed. This way, they can store all of their wedding day pictures in one book. Usually, the pages have the sticky surface with magnetic film to hold and protect the pictures. A disadvantage to this style album is the “stickiness” on the page surface, as well as the magnetism of the film can wear off if the photos are removed and repositioned often. To avoid this problem, plan ahead where you want to place the pictures so you won’t have to move them over and over.

Memos. Want to add notes next to your photographs? Well, you can do that if the photo album you choose feature lines for memos adjacent to each picture pocket. While the wedding is fresh in mind, writing notes in the spaces provided will serve as a reliable memory aid, truly making your special day “unforgettable!”

Covered. To color-coordinate the photo album with the other wedding day accessories, couples can air quick coupler manufacturers opt to have the wedding album covered. Some online bridal shops offer a few color combinations to choose from. This usually works for those who have traditional wedding colors. On the other hand, a growing number of shops offer a virtually unlimited number of color choices–perfect for couples whose selections reflect the modern color trends.

Personalized. Either of the types of photo albums described above can be personalized. Some shops will engrave the desired message on a silver or gold plate to attach to the book. Others personalize by embroidering the words on fabric that will cover the book. Prices will vary from shop to shop, but for the special touch that personalizing adds to the photo album, many view the extra charge a small price to pay.

If your purchase of a photo album is the result of a well-thought-out comparison of all your available options, it will, no doubt, be one of the best investments you’ll make, allowing you to relive wedding day memories for years to come.