C Lo 90 million system tyrants supeminal + Bell total

The United States “Forbes” magazine published the latest issue of the year 2017 the latest player income list, C Luo annual income of 93 million US dollars ahead (visit LOLGA.INC) , Bell and Nei Ma Jia also did not C Ruo Luo, Portugal striker once again the global hegemony!
C Lo’s $ 93 million, there are 58 million US dollars is the salary and bonuses, the remaining 35 million US dollars from their own business value, the Portuguese striker endorsement of many brands have portrait income, while C Luo’s own perfume, underwear, Bed sheets and other brands, the harvest is also quite good. It is worth mentioning that Forbes magazine pointed out that 10 years ago Ronaldinho and Beckham is also the most income players in football, but the annual income of only 29.5 million US dollars and 29.1 million US dollars, less than C Luo’s three One by one.
And Beckham and Ronaldinho 10 years ago, income is now even the top five are not in the list, Messi is the annual income of 80 million US dollars ranked second, of which 53 million US dollars from the salary and bonuses, the other 3700 Million dollars from their own advertising endorsement, while small fleas also invested in real estate. Nei Maer is the third of 37 million US dollars, Bell was 34 million US dollars ranked fourth, ranked fifth Ibrahimovic is the highest ranked non-Real Madrid Barcelona players, 32 million US dollars should be higher than Then Beckham and C Lo.
Rooney is 23.6 million US dollars ranked sixth, Suarez for 23.3 million US dollars ranked seventh, Aguero is 22.6 million US dollars ranked eighth, J Luo is 21.9 million US dollars ranked ninth, Bergberg is ranked second in the $ 21.2 million.

Black eight miracle look forward to continuation

Fischer in Beijing on February 11, 2011 from the senator to the predators, so far can be called the team veteran, so in June last year, predators with former captain Weber for the Soviet Union (click HUT 17 Coins)after the ball Team needs Fisher to play more of the team leader’s role.

“One of the best deals I’ve made is to bring Fisher to the team,” said general manager Bohr. “There are a lot of reasons, and he’s a leader, and even if he’s not a captain, Is the vice captain, he has been a long time vice captain – I have been saying that if he was not a captain at the time of Senator Alfred, Fischer could be the senator of the past ten years.

“I do not need that, but we need. Weber is gone, we need you. You will be a leader, wearing a” The team leader, we need you, ‘Mike is done very well.’

Gonzaga’s core trial rocket

From the US media reports, Gonzalo University defender Nigel – Williams – Goss has recently revealed in his Twitter,(click LOLGA)he had just arrived in Houston, which may mean that he will participate in the rocket training. Prior to this, Goss also participated in the Lakers training. Goss is 22 years old, height 1 meter 90, weight 83kg, is a junior player, this season, he represents the University of Gonzaga played 32.7 minutes, 16.8 points and 6.0 rebounds and 4.7 assists, the team reached the NCAA The core of the final.

From the local media in Boston, recently, the Celtics have been actively preparing for the draft. Today, they will try out from Duke University Harry – Gilles, UCLA TJ-Liv and from the University of Kentucky Malik – Munch and many other players. In this year’s NBA draft, the Celtics have the first round of the first overall, second round 7th overall, second round of the 23rd and second round of the 26th pick four pick. But it is worth mentioning that, earlier, the Green Army want to practice this year’s popular rookie Lang Zuo – Bauer, but was rejected.

Manchester United 100 million Mr. Zidane

Opening 30 seconds, Berger on the threat to the opponent goal, chest volley volley after a little bias. As the center behind the second-line attackers, the French attack this campaign is very strong desire, 18 minutes outside the restricted area long-range,(visit LOLGA.INC) the ball hit Sanchez refraction to fly into the door. For a long time did not score the first 100 million Mr., the final in the European Cup final. The last round of the league against the Crystal Palace before the goal, the French internationals have 19 consecutive years of anti-crop, but in the season ending two consecutive war effort, gains Manchester United career the most important goal. 18 minutes break, Borgba hit the Manchester United finals in the history of the fastest scoring record, but also for the team to swallow a reassurance, Mourinho can arrange the team formation retracement anti-anti, play counterattack sharp expertise “This is an important release, and the moody fans are relieved,” said BBC commentator Murphy.

Admittedly, the goal has a lot of luck, but luck is also the European giants of the European War hegemony one of the important factors, the French team did not luck in the European Cup final, Guinier grams of goalkeeper ball if the network, there is no Portuguese cup Celebrate the moment. As the European Cup final loser, Borgba after a lapse of one year after the final in the European war back luck. Little Neville will praise the younger generation: “This is a lucky goal, the goalkeeper simply can not do anything, but Borgba start a great performance, ruled the midfield.

Crate Retirement Starting with Next Update

As many of our community members have already speculated, we are going to start retiring some of the Crates available in Rocket League in the near future.
All four Champion Crates will no longer be available as drops after Online Matches once our next major update goes live this Summer. This retirement ONLY affects drops, so if you already have Champion Crates in your inventory, or want to trade Champion Crates to other players after their retirement, you will still be able to do so. This Champion series retirement means that there will be fewer Crates to account for when the game drops one for you. In other words, removing older Crates means that newer Crates (and their newer Items) will appear for you more often.(for more info about Rocket League Items click Rocket League Items) .
After retiring the Champion Series, we will continue to retire other Crates on a schedule of roughly six months after their initial release. But don’t worry, items found inside retired Crates could still come back at a later date. Some items are already available in other Crates, like those found in the Player’s Choice Crate.

From the astringency to the super giant


Danny – Green’s hope did not turn into reality. The Spurs did make the game before the start of the game, but it is to use Kyle – Anderson to replace Paul – Gasol as the starting four (visit LOLGA.INC) , because the ankle sprain missed the second war signs star Kewei – Leonard, continue Hold the license. Although the Western Conference finals are very important, but the Spurs apparently do not want the core players to win a victory and left after-effects.

“He is not ready, so we will not arrange him to play,” Popovich said, “you have to make every effort to take care of the players, both short-term and long-term are trying to take care of, but sometimes you have to make Tough decisions, I think our ideas can help some players to extend their careers. There must be a credible conclusion, otherwise I will not let him play. You have to do the best for the team and the players, you just make a decision And then execute it. ”

This season, Duncan’s departure to Leonard bear more pressure, but the Spurs 2 performance than the outside world to imagine better: regular season he played 33.4 minutes per game, get 25.5 points, 5.8 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.8 steals 0.7 The first team of the season’s best team, which is also the second time in his career, became George – Gwen, David – Robinson and Tim – Duncan after the team history of the fourth person. Moreover, Leonard has also become the third in NBA history, the first two teams selected for the first team and twice won the player of the year the best defensive player, the other two are Hakim – Olajuwon and Dwight – Howard – yes, Leonard is the first in the history to reach such a high degree of outside players.

Waldie is a prayer


2016-17 season Premier League 38th round, Leicester home 1-1 Ping Bournemouth, Stanislas opening flash, Waldie broke. Last season, Premier League champion Leicester this season, the final league ranking is the first 12.

Week in the race Leicester 1-6 defeat at the feet of the hotth of the ball, the team suffered a blow from top to bottom is not small(visit LOLGA.INC) . This weekend’s Premier League last round, Leicester will continue to sits home against Bournemouth, after a defeat, the blue fox in front of home fans need to use a victory to end this season. Bournemouth last round at home 2-1 win over Burnley, the last four rounds of Eddie – ho’s team 3 wins and 1 level remain undefeated. If the campaign can beat the blue fox, Bournemouth will be completed last season, the Premiership champions double play, this is a great achievement.

The campaign, Leicester out of Waldie and Sliamani’s double striker, Andy – gold back with Endi Di sits midfielder, Mailey and Albreton wings fly together, defense 4 is still Simpson , Bena Luya, Fuchs and Chilville. Bournemouth, Museet before the sudden, Stanislas behind, Fraser and Pew together wings, Sulman and Geslin sits in the midfield.

Opening only 1 minute, Musee from the sidewalk break Fuchs and Simpson’s folder against the ball, Fraser Road, high-speed sudden fall was ignored the referee ignored, Museet Road, the door was blocked, Stanislas plug On the patchwork break, 0-1! Bournemouth made a fantastic start on the road. 9 minutes, Ma Mares restricted area left foot Gongmen was blocked, then Chilver’s Gongmen also missed. 18 minutes, Surman pass, Stanislas outside the right foot shot high shot high. The first 20 minutes, Ma Jerez corner pass, Fukes header header missed. 24 minutes, Adam – Smith pass, Geslin right foot long shots, Althorpe rescue.

62 minutes, Avery replaced Muse, Ibrahimovic for Pew. 67 minutes, Ma Laureus pass, Valdi restricted right side of the right foot Gongmen, Althorpe rescue. 69 minutes, Simpson pass, Sliamani outflanking right foot missed the opportunity. 73 minutes, Gray replaced Al Brighton. 79 minutes, Amartai pass, Endi Di long left foot long distance missed. 85 minutes, Mailey recorded, Sri Raman header header is just a little wide. Finally Leicester played 1-1 at home 1-1 with Bournemouth.

Kosta waved goodbye to Chelsea?

Premiership ending battle, Chelsea 5-1 victory over Sunderland, this victory for the old captain Terry off (visit FIFA 18 Coins) , there may be Diego – Costa at Stamford Bridge in the final battle.

Costas played for 63 minutes and was replaced by Bashuyahi. Costa began holding high hands constantly waving to the fans, which is obviously the farewell action and fans, Chelsea fans also sent him a warm applause.

In the summer of 2014, Costa to 32 million pounds from Atletico to join Chelsea, the effectiveness of the Blues three seasons two wins the Premiership, he is the team’s striker absolute main. This season, Costa Chelsea in the Premier League contributed 20 goals and 8 assists for the Blues and then won the Premiership made a contribution.

However, during the winter transfer this time, Costa has been out of the storm, when he received a high-paying contract of the rights of the club, and then team members such as Conti contradictions, Conti carried out a brief ban on Costa. After all, when the Blues in the crucial stage of the title, it is impossible to let Costa fly.

Now Chelsea recaptured the Premiership, if the high price to sell Costa is not impossible. Recently, a number of media broke the news Costa and the right to reach the basic agreement, his weekly salary of up to 650,000 pounds, beyond Messi, C Luo became the world’s first football, and the right to Chelsea transfer fee also 80 million pounds The

Now Costa’s move is easy to reminiscent of the fans in the Chelsea waved goodbye, perhaps in this summer transfer window, Super will once again to record the value of usher in the big card.http://www.xfifa.com/.

Team towel design is too ugly tipping trough

Cleveland Cavaliers all the way triumphant, they seem to have no weaknesses. However, if you have to pick bones inside the eggs, then the Cavaliers team towel design too bad.

The playoffs so far, the Cavaliers have made 10 wins and 0 losses record, the first two rounds of the playoffs they easily beat the Pacers and the Toronto Raptors, and now, the Eastern Conference finals two (visit LOLGA.INC) , the Cavaliers is easy to win Celtic. On the pitch, the knight does not seem to have any bad thing to do, they are very good on the offensive end, James, Owen, who is so unstoppable, and with the playoffs, they are on the defensive end Also has a very big upgrade.

But as a team, the knight in a very bad way to do in the Eastern Conference finals against the Celtics before the game, this is exposed, and now the biggest weakness of the knight is their team towel design https://www.lolga.com/.

For this towel design, in the social media, there are many fans in Tucao. This team on the towel, the use of a variety of fonts, if at first glance, many people will think that the top two towels to write the “NO warm”, who do not know what the team design is what it means. And in the middle of the towel, write the words “Welcomes”, many fans Tucao, Origin Welcomes is a word, but this towel designer, the feeling of this word abruptly split into two words. There are friends on Tucao, “WELC OMES” these two words, who can understand what it means.

Before the start of today’s game, ESPN reporter Wendelhorst will be the picture of this towel sun to the social media, attracted a lot of knight fans Tucao, the fans hope that the knight team towel designers can be in the finals Before you start, make a quick change.

Away all red design as if Rome

Spanish media “Daily Sport newspaper” exposed Barcelona next season jersey, still continued the traditional red and blue main colors,(click FIFA Coins) but the chest and cuff advertising into a new sponsor of Japan Rakuten.

After the Barcelona away jersey was exposed is a political meaning of the “tomato scrambled eggs”, but the “Daily Sport newspaper” posted three sets of jerseys and no “tomato scrambled eggs.” In the home jersey, is still red and blue bar design. But there are some changes in the stripes width, cuffs are blue with red trim.

Barcelona’s away jersey in the color change is relatively large, are taken a solid color design, which red jersey and Serie A is somewhat similar. New season Barcelona shirt advertising into a new sponsor, Japan Lotte, each season base sponsorship fee of 55 million euros.