Barcelona signed a coach to reach a private agreement

Barcelona has been insisting that there is no definite next season coach candidates, technical director Fernandez even said the club has not yet negotiated with the candidates. This statement sounds ridiculous, but it is likely to be true. This week’s “Aspen newspaper” pointed out that Barcelona did not start the handsome official program(get more¬†NBA Live Coins¬†from lolga), although privately we all know that the most likely to enter the Nou Camp’s coach who will be, that is now Bilbao Athletic Head coach Barwald.

“Aspen newspaper” said that at the official level, Barcelona did not have contact with Barvade. This is mainly because Barcelona this season is not over, May 27 they want to play with the Araves King Cup final, and this weekend, there are – although almost negligible – to win the possibility of the Spanish league championship The In any case, the club that Louis – Enrique in the past three seasons for the team made a great contribution, should give him respect until the end of the last game of the season, Luis – Enrique officially retired before To determine the next coach candidates.

But in fact, everyone knows what the two names are most likely to be made at that meeting – Barvade and Winthorne. The contract between Balfade and Bilbao Athletic has expired this summer, and he has not been renewed with the Basque club, and is waiting for Barcelona to make the final decision, and Winner is the assistant coach of Louis Enrique There is no liquidated damages. In other words, as long as the May 29 Barcelona board of directors, their nominations passed, and immediately signed with Barcelona.

“Aspen” even revealed that although Barcelona did not through formal formal procedures to contact with the Bay Wade, but with him reached a private agreement, the agreement confirmed that Barry Wade for the next season coach, but regardless of Barcelona Or Barvade, have the right to abrogate the agreement by May 31, 2017. In other words, the only thing the agreement can do is to appease Balveld, let him wait until May 29 Barcelona held a board of directors.

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