The magnesium oxide is a material

Strictly speaking, the magnesium oxide exceeds the shelf life will affects its activity. If there is so many stock that cause the waste. Now, let Meishen, a professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer, tell you how to check it, and whether it can be used continuously. At first, you should preliminary review it. Under normal circumstances, the magnesium oxide powder should be the white powder. If it goes bad, the color would be changed. In addition, the decrease whiteness of magnesium oxide means the activity of it has changed. What’s more, if it has significant change, such as agglomeration, it should not be be not recommended for use because of the unevenly character. And then, you should see the storage condition of magnesium oxide.

The magnesium oxide is a material which is very easy to absorb water and be wet. in the process of storage or transportation, it will be changed characters and loose use value if did not good job in against the damp. In the workday, we can protect the magnesium oxide powder from water through the following routes:On the surface of magnesium oxide, you should cover the plastic film. And it should pave the plastic film on the ground. If you are unwilling to change the packaging, you can adopt this method to keep away from moisture.Keeping away from the moisture by placing lump lime behind the stacking, it is another method to protect magnesium oxide from the moisture, and prevent the activity decreases.Because the calcium oxide has a stronger hygroscopicity, you can place it in the warehouse as the reduce moisture agent. It is very efficient to reduce humidity of storehouse. Last but not least, we should know about how long dose the magnesium oxide beyond shelf life? And how long does the storage time of magnesium oxide? It has great difference between beyond the shelf life about a couple months and beyond one or two years. Next is where to use magnesium oxide?

Does the product used magnesium oxide important? Will it cause greater loss if go wrong? Generally speaking, if the appearance of magnesium oxide has no obvious change, as a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier, Meishen Technology suggest that it is better to test the activity again. Through the professional checkout equipment, we dry powder fire extinguisher Manufacturers can measure the activity of magnesium oxide quantificationally and accurately. It can make sure that you don’t misuse it because of the lower activity. And it can prevent the quality of product which uses magnesium oxide. The most important is to use it in the warranty period. Otherwise, the activity is still affected even you protect it perfectly. It lead to waste of magnesium oxide. We hope that you can use the high quality magnesium oxide.

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