It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a vacant land in a highly populated US state like Florida. Consider yourself lucky, if you managed to grab a parcel of land in one of the top-tier cities in the Sunshine State. The next step is to build-on-your-lot in Florida a house that meets your concept of a dream home as closely as possible. You just cannot allow any aspect of it to go wrong. From deciding on the right floor plan to choosing quality building materials, you cannot afford to make anything but the right choice. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at the major design trends that are currently ruling Florida’s build-on-your-lot real estate scene. Discuss with your on-your-lot builder in Florida to see how much you can incorporate into your floor plan.

Utilitarian Home Plan Closely Tied to a Hectic Lifestyle

What is the use of investing in a custom home if it fails to simplify your everyday life? That is why architects today emphasize on integrating features that would keep occupants organized all the while giving them a feel of space and relaxed setting for connecting to their family members. As such, today’s home designs are heavily purpose-driven. As opposed to yesteryear’s expansive home designs, most of the modern buildings reflect a pragmatic design where every inch matters.

Open Layout with an Eye on Family Interaction and Hosting Guests

Today’s parents get very little time to spend quality hours with their kids. As a result, they are averse to the idea of box-living and are more inclined towards opting for an open living area where walls do not separate the kitchen, the family room, and the living room are not separated by. These types of layouts make it easier for parents to interact with their kids or keep an eye on their pets while running household chores. Attending to guests also becomes easier as such a floor plan allows them to converse with guests no matter where they choose to hang out.

Connecting to the Wide Open

Both professionals, as well as students, spend long hours of their weekdays indoors. Naturally, once they are back home, they crave for some fresh air. Plus, sitting outside is one of the best ways to enjoy the Florida weather. Porches and lanais have thus become an integral part of any modern home in Florida. Of course, keeping the state’s sun and rain in mind, architects would advise you to go for a covered outdoor living area.

Energy Efficiency Is the New Mantra

Eco-friendly home designs are in-demand right now. With savvy homeowners keen on building green homes, builders, too, have solutions ready at their disposal. Thus, foam block insulation  (that protects the exterior walls of your home from the fierce summer sun), R-30 ceiling insulation, and Radiant Barrier (that shields the roof and ceiling against scorching heat) have all come to feature prominently in today’s builders’ scheme of things. Besides reducing your home’s carbon footprint and helping you save on your utility expenditure, these green features also help to protect your health, a fact that explains why today’s informed homeowners just cannot conceive a home without energy-efficient features. Add to this the satisfaction of contributing to the wellbeing of the planet, and you know why so many homeowners are adopting eco-friendly building options.

If you are planning to build your dream home on your lot in Florida, personalize it by incorporating a wide variety of lifestyle enhancing features. Remember, hundreds of options are available for every item at every price point; stay within your budget while integrating those features into your home design.

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