This problem can be sorted if you look for a broken metal strip inside the fuse box

Car power windows ensure that you have absolutely no problem with your car windows. Not only do they close the windows with the push of a button, but require less force as well. Even kids can easily operate the power windows. However you should also keep in mind that they can also be subject to repair as well.

The best part about car power windows is they function as smooth as possible with minimum of force and they go up and down with the simple press of a button. However like all devices over a period of time, they can also be subject to repair. In some cases in spite of hitting the button the car power windows do not work. There are a lot of reasons for this. However with careful observation you can set them right and it is simple for anyone to handle this type of auto repair on your own.

The first step is to identify the reason for the problem in car power windows. So before you start to fix the car power window, half your job is done once you are able to find out the problem behind the malfunction of the power window. The most common culprit in such cases is dirt and dust. This causes the power windows to malfunction. Next, the fuse boxes situated underneath the dashboard could have also have gone faulty leading to this problem. This problem can be sorted if you look for a broken metal strip inside the fuse box. If the problem still persists then there could be some trouble with the wiring connected to the fuse box. Once the power flows to the electrical circuit you can rest assure the power windows will be back to normal. Other possible reasons could be the fault with electrical motor and faulty car window regulators.

Now that you have identified the source of the problem you can start off by fixing the problem on your own. As you have opened the door panel of the window you can look for any faults in the window regulator and motor. Look for any bolts holding the regulator of the window and remove them as well. Remove the wire connections and fit them with a Power Supply Boards new one in case the old window regulator is broken.

If the window regulator is free of problems, the problem might be attributed to lose connections in the wiring of the power window. If the problem still persists, the problem could be finalized by looking at the electrical motor. You can confirm this by testing the motor by using a multimeter. If the multimeter shows infinite resistance and zero current, this indicates that your motor is broken and it needs to be replaced.

Once you are finished diagnosing the problem of your windows, do what you need to do to fix it (replace the motor, regulator, wiring, or fuse). Tighten the bolts and put the moisture barrier back on. Reinstall the door panel and test if the window is working well again by pressing the switch.

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