Apulia is theregion at the top of the chart as far as capacity is concerned

In 2011 photovoltaic has become the main source ofrenewable energy in Italy (apart from hydroelectric power), beating also windpower.


In 2011 the field of photovoltaic, in Italy, wascharacterized by a real boom, which made this type of energy be the switching power adaper most usedone, apart from hydroelectric power. The overtaking of photovoltaic power tothe detriment of wind power took place in February 2012: in this month thephotovoltaic power produced 10.678 GWh, while wind power produced 10.568 GWh.And the gap became more evident in the following months, with the 14.490 GWh ofthe photovoltaic against 11.541 GWh of the wind power in May. This is the resultof the data collected by the research office of Confartigianato.


Other interesting data about the use and developmentof the photovoltaic in Italy come from the Statistical Report on Solar PV in2011 released by Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE). The first relevant datumemerging from the report is the placement of Italy at the second place in theworld as far as PV capacity in operation is concerned. With its 330,000 activePV plants (this datum regards the end of 2011), 12.780 MW installed and 11 TWhproduced, in the chart of the countries with the greatest PV capacity Italy issecond only to Germany. The report confirms that 2011 was the year of the boom:also thanks to the coming into the operation of the 3,700 MW of the decree“Salva Alcoa”, the new PV capacity installed in Italy in 2011 was bigger thanthat of any other country, Germany included.


The excellent solar radiation that characterized 2011and helped the boom of PV was a consequence of one of the hottest summers ofthe century, when there was also a lower rainfall and the thinning of fog. Themost productive month, in this sense, was May, with an average maximum of 809W/m², but there has been a general improvement in all the months.


Among all the Italian regions, some stand out as faras the number of installed plants is concerned. The distribution of plants, inthe Italian regions, is not homogenous, and the regions with the biggest numberof plants are Lombardy (28.692 plants) and Veneto (44.997). Apulia is theregion at the top of the chart as far as capacity is concerned, with 2.186 MW.Apulia is the record holder, in Italy, also as far as average size of plants isconcerned (95,4 kW), while lagging behind in this ranking is Valle d’Aosta(12,5 kW).


As far as the types of PV plants are concerned, 49% ofpower in Italy is installed on the ground, while 41% is on buildings. 6% is ongreenhouses and canopies, and 4% in other places, like highway noise barriers.The plants on the ground boss the show in the regions of the South and centreof Italy, while in the north plants on buildings are predominant. Theconcentration of plants on greenhouses and canopies is high in Sardinia,Calabria and Liguria.


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