There has been a huge amount of research over the years into the efficiency of magnetic generators

Are they for real? Do they work? Can I purchase one from a store? A Magnetic power generator is a type of free energy or zero point energy device. Free energy devices and zero point energy devices are names used for energy systems that are able to produce more energy than they consume. Or in […]

Apulia is theregion at the top of the chart as far as capacity is concerned

In 2011 photovoltaic has become the main source ofrenewable energy in Italy (apart from hydroelectric power), beating also windpower.   In 2011 the field of photovoltaic, in Italy, wascharacterized by a real boom, which made this type of energy be the¬†switching power adaper¬†most usedone, apart from hydroelectric power. The overtaking of photovoltaic power tothe detriment […]