Online Mutual Funds

There are thousands of Mutual Funds in India, under different categories, offered by hundreds of AMCs and Fund Houses. For fairness and transparency, global agencies exist that analyse and rate the performance of funds over time and make sure that investors are well informed before investing. It is mandatory for AMCs to declare a standard against which the performance of any given fund can be measured – this is called a benchmark. There are also regulatory bodies like AMFI and SEBI that ensure no investor ever gets scammed.

mutual funds

Mutual Funds allow individuals to make their money work for them – meaning that they do not need to actively perform tasks for monetary gain. Any amount invested in mutual funds will either grow or shrink depending on market performance and the skill of the fund manager.
There are many different Types of Mutual Funds available today, and can be categorized based on investment objective, structure and asset class. Apart from this, there are also specialized mutual funds.

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