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Amit Kapoor is chair, Institute for Competitiveness, India. As an extension of the fact that the country has the highest levels of malnutrition, India also has the highest number of stunted children in the world.Over the years, India has suffered heavy economic losses due to such absurd levels of malnutrition. A recent World Bank study found that stunting among children in India reduces their per capita income by 13 per cent. Malnourishment in a girl, combined with the Indian trend of early marriage, has a cascading effect of health complexities across generations. Any aspect of malnutrition directly impacts a persons productivity levels, affecting his economic viability. Public expenditure on health, as a percentage of total health expenditure, has hovered between 25 and 30 percent in the last thrust bearing manufacturers decade, while the world average stood at 60 percent.

There is also a tendency among Indians to avoid hospitals due to the high out-of-pocket expenditure during delivery.The potential gains from addressing these issues will far exceed the costs incurred. In addition, anaemia and other deficiencies can have irreversible damage on a childs ability to learn. Such excessive costs of child and maternal care lead to a widespread inclination to evade hospitals for childbirth, which results in health complications among children and even death. The other aspects of malnutrition are no better off.6 in public economic returns, three times more than the global average.

As against the 12 billion that the country loses to nutritional deficiencies each year, scaling up core micronutrient interventions would cost less than 574 million annually. As a matter of fact, only 16 countries have a lower public expenditure on healthcare than India. The views expressed are personal.The issue gets even more complicated for nutritional deficiencies in a girl child.1 to 38. Since two-thirds of Indias current workforce was stunted in childhood, the economic losses that the country has borne due to it through generations is unimaginable. According to World Bank estimates, productivity losses due to malnutrition are more than 10 per cent of lifetime individual earnings or about 2-3 percent of the GDP.2 percentage points during the last decade.4 per cent of the mothers do not receive any antenatal care during their first trimester. Studies show that low weight at birth and stunting can reduce a childs IQ by five points. The percentage of anaemic children, although depicting a declining trend, is still at 58. He can be contacted at [emailprotected] and tweets @kautiliya.This is because children who are undernourished show lower activity levels and reduced attention

In the wake of the disturbing outcome of the survey, in which over 20,000 respondents were reached out to in 10 cities across India, Lybrate has taken up the cudgels for crusading against the practice prevalent so deeply in India, something for which people relatively do not care much about. Seeing the doctor, thus, is very important. This is when they expose themselves to risks by going in for medication on their own.The practice of self-medication is rampant in India. Going into the reasons, people usually do not see the doctor to avoid spending money on doctor’s fees for a health problem they think is non-trivial. The Internet boom has further worsened the situation with people going online to search about possible options of medicines for their health problems. Given the scenario, the launch of the campaign is a great initiative. Lybrate’s technology-driven platform will also help in connecting patients with doctors,

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. He can be reached at [emailprotected])IANSamulya/sacPost Source: Ians feed.Such an absence of prejudice may be difficult for the Hindutva hardliners who still regard the Muslims in India as children of the 12th century invaders.Moreover, the issue of deportation has been complicated by, first, Myanmars reluctance to accept them and, secondly, by the unwillingness of the emigrants themselves to return to a home which they no longer consider safe in view of the recent army actions against them.She has blamed the terrorists for the huge iceberg of misinformation about the community which has begun to attract the attention of the world, and has promised to protect everyone, whether they are citizens or not.However, notwithstanding their presence in Rakhine from way back in the 15th century and earlier, they are still regarded as aliens by the Myanmar government and have faced repeated army crackdowns

Suppose i replace all these words with a single word- will power. So when He says do every work in the consciousness of His doing that work, do we not then depend rather on that Supreme Power? And here comes the role of the mind! It surrenders our self before the real Self. What Duryodhan speaks is not untrue. When it is there, the goal is in your sight. A powerful will made once is enough for the sure attainment of the Real. This is the assumption-action theory in which unfortunately, assumption precedes action. Sahaj Marg speaks of surrender and surrender it is of our mortal finiteness, namely the mind, in order to pursue the infinite, that is, the heart. Coming back to the Buddhist chant Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Gey-Kyo is the language of pray which originated in Japan. Later recall Arjun, says himself to Lord Krishna, O Lord, show me the way, following which i can reach a blissful state. King Duryodhan says I know what is right but my tendency is not to expedite the same; and I also know what is wrong but my tendency is inclined towards doing it. above the ground New Delhi and New York all appear to be the same! True. At this moment of surrender, where Arjun himself walks to Lord Krishna for his betterment, that Shri Krishna speaks the Bhagawad Geeta. Half the distance is crossed when a man enters the field with a firm will.Chariji was once asked, just like we have milestones on the road which keeps on telling our progress towards the destination, are there any milestones in our spiritual growth too? Chariji replied there are no milestones when we travel by air! In such a situation we have to rely and believe in what the pilot says, because from 30,000 ft