How to Style Differently with Long Flat Boots

The boots are excellent footwear choices as the temperature begin to fall. The boots go well with all the fall and winter outfits and there is an extensive variety of styles and shapes available. You can find flat, wedge, over the knee, pointed toe etc.

One of the excellent types of boots for the fall season is the tall boots. The ladies flat boots are stylish and fashionable. Here are some of the tips that can help in creating the perfect fall look.

The jeans:

Jeans are a piece of clothing which are worn in all the seasons. In fall the combination of jeans and tall boots is perfect for a casual fall look. Flat tall boots in neutral color create a classy fall look. Pair the jeans and boots with a vest and you will be able to create layering appropriate for the season. If you wish to add some color to the look you can do that by selecting the right accessories.  A colorful oversized necklace or a scarf will add vibrancy to the look. They are also good at adding a little feminity to the look and drawing attention to the face.

Socks and boots:

In the chilly weather, the socks in boots are perfect for looking nice and keeping the feet warm and comfy. But it is important that the length of the socks is right or it can look awkward. Keep the socks down the knee level but make sure that they are a little higher than the boots so the extra layer that you have created is visible. Ideally only an inch of the socks should show. It is better to choose neutral colored socks so they do not look out of place.

The skirts:

Skirts and tall boots are a good combination but it is important to be careful about the proportions. The boots can go well with a variety of skirts. Pencil skirts look good with them but when you are combining them with boots, make sure that the skirt and boots do not touch. The A-line skirts are also a good option and to wear them the best, follow the same proportion rules.

The dresses:

Boots and dresses are a perfect pair for the fall season. Choose the length of the dress carefully because if the dress is too long then it will make the legs look shorter. The hem of the dress should not touch the boots so there is some space between the boots and the dress. If you think that the boots are too heavy for the dress then you can balance it by adding a scarf or a long necklace. The neutral colored boots go well with all the fall dresses. Just to create an extra layer or to protect legs from chill you can add tights or leggings.


The colored and printed pants are also a good fall outfit choice to go with neutral colored boots. But when you are buying colored pants you should avoid neon pairs and stick to the darker shades. The dark colors will help them blend beautifully with the boots and the legs will look long and lean. The neutral colors work well with patterned pants as well.

These tips will help you in creating the best look with flat tall boots.

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