Once, a small boy jumped a fence where a dog was roaming

You have to be in control of bird netting your dog at all times, or the liability will come back to bite you on the backside.In the past, people let their dogs run loose all day log and nobody thought twice about it. These cases all too often end in the same way. Today, a rule would be considered broken if one did such a crazy thing!

We have all seen it – the dog and his family being sued by some individual because either the dog attacked them or the dog was injured somehow.

Once, a small boy jumped a fence where a dog was roaming around inside of.

However, the parents found out the dog was current on its shots so they took fault to the incident. The dog was also on a chain.

The only time the owner of a loose dog wins is when the case involves two dogs and the other was set free and theirs was released accidentally. It often happens due to the owner’s poor following of safety guidelines of the animal. The owner ends up in trouble with the court because the dog was not within the realms of the owner’s supervision. No matter what the expense of it is, it money well spent because you are saving your dog or somebody else.

Sadly, there aren’t many examples like the one above where an owner took the time and effort to keep everybody safe. Nonetheless, the dog still was able to get the boy and caused him serious injury. It’s an inevitable side effect of today’s litigious society.

Despite the costs you may incur, it is worth it to keep your dog in both a cage

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