Reduce, reuse and recycle in your house and cut your bills

As aware residents, each one of us has a duty towards nature. ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ is a popular concept adopted worldwide. The concept is being applied in every sphere of life. Professional and personal lives do not lag in reducing, reusing and recycling. However, many people are still not aware of what to reduce, reuse and recycle and how following the concept can save nature. Here we will give you a brief idea of a few ways to reduce, reuse and recycle small things in your routine life which will not bother your routine and which will also help you cut down your house bills along with contributing to nature:

  • Water: Reducing the use of water is very important as it is a very scarce natural resource. We should avoid daily washing of cars. Taking short showers, running automatic machines only when fully loaded, use sprinklers for gardening, and similar other small steps can be taken to reduce water consumption. It is also advisable to reuse the water as much as possible. For example, while washing vegetables, instead of draining, collect the water passed after the wash and this water can be used for your plants without harming your plants. This will save water and your water bills. Also, you can install a zero-waste water purifier to save large quantities of wastewater which is otherwise drained in RO systems.
  • Electricity: Another important consideration to reduce is electricity. Using energy-saving appliances and turning off the lights and other electric appliances when not in use is essential to save your house bills and to save the valuable source of energy.
  • Grocery: The number of fruits, vegetables, and grocery you buy should be reduced to avoid spoilage when you purchase in bulk. It is wise to buy only the quantity which is expected to be consumed until the good life of the item. This will prevent wastage and will cut down your house bills.
  • Paper/Plastic/Glass: Reduce the use of paper by encouraging e-bills, e-reports, etc. Furthermore, reduce the use of plastic by carrying reusable cloth bags with you for shopping every time. Prefer to buy food with less packaging, avoid single packaged items or small packages. Either try to cook more in your home instead of buying packaged food (to avoid the use of packaging material) or buy only the packets whose material can be recycled. Use of disposable should also be reduced by using re-usable or wooden plates, cups, spoons, forks, and other utensils. Cloth diapers or nappies can also be tried to cut down the house bill and to reduce waste production to the environment.

Merely using paper bags or cloth bags instead of plastic bags and adopting above-mentioned ways is not sufficient because plastic is very much into our house in form of cosmetic bottles/boxes, kitchen stuff, packaging material, etc. Thus, recycling plastic waste and even waste paper is very important. Collecting old glass, plastic, paper items and then selling them off in the right market will save you some amount along with adding on to your contribution to the environment.

This way you can adopt many basic tricks to save the environment and to save your bill. The money thus saved can be better used for buying home insurance cover for your home. A home insurance Ireland gives you complete protection against all possible threats to your home up to the chosen extent of coverage you have opted for in your house insurance Ireland, thereby giving you peace of mind. So, why not opt for a happier life by buying house insurance and that too for no extra cost as you can save money by practicing reducing, reusing and recycling theory to cut down your house bills.

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