Eyelash Curling- What Are the Dos and Don’ts You Need To Follow?

Using an eyelash curler can be a nightmare to many women. If you are a first time user, such feelings are normal. Remember most of the beauty conscious women say that the eyelash curler has transformed their appearance drastically. When you buy blue heaven mascara online, you can also order a quality curler to have dreamy eyelashes you are aiming at. Read to find some dos and don’ts, that will make you an expert user.

eye mascara online

  • Heated or unheated curler: You need to make your choice whether to use the curler or not. You can also use the blower to heat the curler which can make the lashes to curl better. If you are amateur avoid using this heating method as non-heated curler is considered safe. Order the right curler when you buy eye mascara online to beautify your eyes.
  • Do not apply mascara before curling: If you are a first time user, apply the mascara after using the curler. By this, you can avoid the curler to stick to the mascara that will lead to lash breakage. Otherwise, your curler will become messy when you use right on the mascara.
  • Hold the curler correctly: This is vital to prevent hurting your eye. Hold the device in the right position towards the tips of your eyelashes and move. Be gentle while using the curler.

That’s it about the dos and don’ts about your eyelash curling. If your eyelashes are not long don’t worry. You have enough chances to try and grow them by using some natural growth serum. Consult your beautician who can guide you properly in making your eyelash curling in the right manner that will enhance your appearance.


Kajal for your eyes: Let your eyes do the talking


Want stunning eyes with single makeup product? Buy kajal online for the perfect look in small or big eyes. Kajal or kohl have the power to make your dull eyes appear gorgeous and full of life. If applied correctly it can make dull eyes appear full of happiness and life. Kajal, when applied with the right technique, can make the eyes appear beautiful naturally.

Buy kajal online India from Blue Heavens Cosmetics and get subtle and smoky effect which enhances the beauty. Kajal or Kohl can be found in several colors at their web store, which makes it a perfect makeup item for ladies. Green, Turquoise, Brown, Blue, Black, White are some of the common shades which are available here. Buying at Blue Heavens is a great fun from the comfort of your home. Ease of payments, on time doorstep delivery and easy return policies makes it all the more exciting buying here.

Choosing the Best Lipstick Online at Blue Heaven Cosmetics

All women who wear makeup understands the importance of a lipstick in their makeup kit. But, picking the right shade that not only matches the skin tone but has to match the attire also can be challenging. But, in this age of fashion and with so much variety and options available, nothing is impossible.

Buying a nude lipstick online is not only chic, but is the new fashion trend of the modern fashion world. When it is about choosing a nude lipstick colour, the easiest and the most general rule is to choose a shade is to pick the one that is either same or a shade that is bit lighter than that of your skin tone. For e.g. if your tone is pale go for a one that is cooler and if your skin tone is darker, select a much warmer shade.


Another type of lipstick is the matte lipstick. It is a type that looks classy and neat. It is not shiny at all and is also very easy to apply unlike other types of lipsticks. Buy best matte lipstick and also other shades and variety of beauty products from Blue Heavens Cosmetics. Visit their online store and get to see the variety of choices that’s available for you to select. Make shopping for beauty products a fun episode with Blue Heavens. Unmatched quality and guarantee of safe use is something that you can trust in here. Ease or selection, customized orders, on time doorstep delivery and ease of payments are just a few other benefits that you can take advantage of, buying with Blue Heavens.

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