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Until I moved to Norfolk late last year, my regular trips to Heathrow Airport for my frequent flights to Germany involved an easy bus ride from Harrow, where I was pleased to mix with fellow travellers on the 140 bus to Terminal Two. But now the trip to Heathrow, combined with London business meetings, mean that I need to use my car for the trip to Heathrow – and for the first time for years I have to explore the options for parking the car for the few days I am abroad.A wide choice of car parks:As befits the busiest airport in the world, public transport to and from the airport is reliable and frequent with a choice of trains, coaches, Heathrow Express from Paddington Station, taxis and car hire. In my research I found very quickly, that the choice of airport car parks is no less comprehensive, with over 25 companies offering off-airport facilities, in addition to the main on-airport car parks operated by BAA (British Airport Authority). For me, in the end, it was easy to choose, in the recently-refurbished Q-Park London Heathrow, a completely re-vamped and redesigned secure off-airport car park at reasonable rates and handy for Terminal Two, situated just off the A4, five minutes from the tunnel. For the first-timer, the site offered quick and simple and easy access and exit routes, with clear directional signposts from the main road.

Valet or Chauffeured ParkingAdditionally though, amongst the other car parks which caught my attention, was the one operated by a company called Chauffeured Parking Services Limited who offer a special Meet and Greet service where uniformed drivers can meet your on arrival, and on clearance of customs on your return, to take care of your car, parking it for you and returning it to you at the terminal to save time. This additional convenience comes at a premium of course – as an example, parking for one week in July costs £98.00 inclusive of chauffeured assistance.Some Heathrow airport cost comparisionsHowever, when saving money is important – and it is to me as a regular traveller – then it pays to shop around. As an example of the kind of costs which are involved in “drive up and pay” facilities, short stay parking (recommended for stays up to five hours), available from all four terminals has prices which start from £2.30 for up to 30 minutes, but can cost £44.50 per 24 hour period.Business parking for travellers who need parking for up to three or four days, or those wanting greater speed and convenience is available in Business car parks situated closer to the terminals than long stay.

They also operate a more frequent courtesy coach transfer. These are suitable for leisure or business parking and are available from all four terminals. But again, prices range from £21.50 – £26.50 per day.Far more manageable costs are to be had simply by planning ahead and booking a selected car park in advance. Additionally, by using one of the many 25+ car parking organisations with off-airport facilities nearby to all terminals, savings of up to 60% can be found. Amongst these for example, is Purple Parking with 1 week rates in July for £39.00, with its regular courtesy bus service to the airport – and Meet and Greet facilities at additional costs if required, or Park 4 Less, which, although not practical for Terminal 4, is an equally low cost plan at £39.95 for the same period. For me, the higher 1 week July cost of £54.95 is justified by the fine new facilities offered at Q-Park, with the additional security of its Park Mark award, and the fact that this car park is the nearest off-airport car park to the airport.Booking in advance: definitely a good ideaThus, my change of circumstances really opened up a new world of understanding of what Heathrow Airport parking has become – a competitive, wide-ranging set of services both off-airport and on-airport and with varying costs and conditions.

The overall message though is very clear – it pays to research and understand what the various booking agents and online comparison websites are now able to do: they ensure that the costs of parking at Heathrow remain manageable and in keeping with individual needs. Certainly, airport parking can be booked on the day, but to pre-book means more economical rates and the security of having a guaranteed parking space, in good time for flight departure and with the level of Aoyama elevator global ltd assistance you prefer.

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This function An Introduction to  Parking Solutions

An Introduction to  Parking Solutions Suppliers Truck Parking EuropePTV have struck gold with this inventive community-driven app that has been downloaded over half a million times by truckers driving in Europe. As any trucker would know, it’s a constant battle between hitting the required resting quotas and doing so in a safe and comfortable place. I’m sure many of you have been there; internally weighing up the pros and cons of trying to squeeze your 40-tonne vehicle into a roadside space that would struggle to accommodate a van!Well, say no more as this app makes it easy and safe to plan the stops along your route.

Not only that, you can use the wide range of convenience features to help you find the perfect stop: whether you’re after a great view, some hot food, or even showers, you’ll be able to find it.And like a fine wine, the app gets better with age, as the community and user-driven focus means that more stop sites will be added in time, and more detailed information will be added to existing sites.Making The Most of Driving in EuropeFind What You NeedAt its core, the app provides a comprehensive database of over 25,000 parking spots and facilities for truckers on European highways. These have been sourced by the collective experience of the pan-European community and by partners such as ESPORG and DocStop ensuring the most up to date and complete catalogue.With a slick interface and great ease of access features, it makes narrowing or widening your search a breeze as you can filter between several categories such as: comfort, security, and infrastructure. Alternatively, you can simply enter your destination into the app’s “driving mode” and you’ll be presented with a live rundown of every stop along your route as you travel. Additional functionality such as a driving time tracker and a “favourite spot” section also go a long way in providing the best experience for driving in Europe.Make Friends on the RoadThere are some great social features that make this app exceptionally useful.

Not only can you stay in touch with your fellow truckers through the app with dedicated messaging systems, but it also allows you to see if your friends are going on similar routes, or even if they’re holed up at a nearby stop. This simply gives you another avenue for finding the best spots and facilities.Get Recommended ParkingGet involved in the community and create your own parking places which will be added to the database. No doubt it can be satisfying to see that you’ve helped your colleagues in their parking struggles, but it’s not just kind words from reviews that are the only rewards, users are incentivised by vouchers from petrol stations and other attractions that thank you for adding to the community.On the flip side, you can also share your own views on existing spots so they’re more up to date. Real Time AvailabilityOne more incredible feature is the live “Occupancy Status” of parking spaces.

This function shows a colour coded (red, yellow, and green) label which instantly lets you know how busy certain parking spaces are. So, you’ll not have to worry about finding that dream spot and arriving to see that its completely full!How to Get the AppThe application is available on Android and Apple devices and can be found in the Google Play and Apple Store respectively. If you’re still not sold, you can even try it in your browser for a quick look which can be accessed by going to the Truck Parking Europe website.