We do provide solutions of issues related to marriage

Love is elaborated as very beautiful definition of life that almost everyone has to be experienced and also has to bear challenges , familiar and social barriers, and critical moments of life that is why called as “To fall in love might be a simple task but to get love for perpetually is not a simple task ”. Astro-Raj provides Love Problem Solutions by expert given by Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer who is having ten years of deep rooted experience in this field. We do provide solutions of issues related to marriage. Our love marriage consultant will help you out by finding solutions to your problems.
“Love is constant and never dies, for you the soul carries it within from one body to another basking in its bliss”
Vedic astrology has comprehensively established the concept of ‘karma’ and re-birth’. ‘Love’ is the most significant carry-forward emotion and the soul’s prime motive is to complete the circle and re-unite with the ‘mate’. ‘Heaven on Earth’ is more to do with pleasures of the heart; than that of the body. The ‘love destiny’ is clearly etched in a horoscope like all other aspects of life. Wealthy are those who find sincere ‘love’ and this love is actually a great asset in the journey towards ‘self-enlightenment’. In many cases, the soul in its earthly stint/s gets addicted to the stimulating ‘rush’ associated with falling in love and so desires to experience time again, leading to multiple relationships and consequent heart aches. The disposition of planets in a horoscope portrays the ‘love destiny’ of a person in terms of marriages, intense relationships and companionships, the planetary periods and transits in a horoscope tell us about the timing of a ‘love event’.
Astrology has many branches that delve into the various aspects of an individual’s life be it birth, education, marriage, career and even death. Our personal relationship with others is one of the most important aspects that we can comprehend with the help of love astrology. Our birth charts are prepared on the basis of our time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. Other factors are calculated on the basis of this information and astrology helps to prepare a snap shot of the heavens at the time when we were born. The position of stars and planets is recreated on a chart to represent the exact scenario when we took birth. The celestial bodies are then analyzed using the art of love astrology to determine our relationship with our partners. This great Science of Vedic astrology provides us many vital clues to each and every aspect of marriage, right from predictions related to the timing of marriage, to delay if any; Astrological Yoga Car Parking System Company causing obstruction in marriage to future with your partner and issues related with progeny.

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This function An Introduction to  Parking Solutions

An Introduction to  Parking Solutions Suppliers Truck Parking EuropePTV have struck gold with this inventive community-driven app that has been downloaded over half a million times by truckers driving in Europe. As any trucker would know, it’s a constant battle between hitting the required resting quotas and doing so in a safe and comfortable place. I’m sure many of you have been there; internally weighing up the pros and cons of trying to squeeze your 40-tonne vehicle into a roadside space that would struggle to accommodate a van!Well, say no more as this app makes it easy and safe to plan the stops along your route.

Not only that, you can use the wide range of convenience features to help you find the perfect stop: whether you’re after a great view, some hot food, or even showers, you’ll be able to find it.And like a fine wine, the app gets better with age, as the community and user-driven focus means that more stop sites will be added in time, and more detailed information will be added to existing sites.Making The Most of Driving in EuropeFind What You NeedAt its core, the app provides a comprehensive database of over 25,000 parking spots and facilities for truckers on European highways. These have been sourced by the collective experience of the pan-European community and by partners such as ESPORG and DocStop ensuring the most up to date and complete catalogue.With a slick interface and great ease of access features, it makes narrowing or widening your search a breeze as you can filter between several categories such as: comfort, security, and infrastructure. Alternatively, you can simply enter your destination into the app’s “driving mode” and you’ll be presented with a live rundown of every stop along your route as you travel. Additional functionality such as a driving time tracker and a “favourite spot” section also go a long way in providing the best experience for driving in Europe.Make Friends on the RoadThere are some great social features that make this app exceptionally useful.

Not only can you stay in touch with your fellow truckers through the app with dedicated messaging systems, but it also allows you to see if your friends are going on similar routes, or even if they’re holed up at a nearby stop. This simply gives you another avenue for finding the best spots and facilities.Get Recommended ParkingGet involved in the community and create your own parking places which will be added to the database. No doubt it can be satisfying to see that you’ve helped your colleagues in their parking struggles, but it’s not just kind words from reviews that are the only rewards, users are incentivised by vouchers from petrol stations and other attractions that thank you for adding to the community.On the flip side, you can also share your own views on existing spots so they’re more up to date. Real Time AvailabilityOne more incredible feature is the live “Occupancy Status” of parking spaces.

This function shows a colour coded (red, yellow, and green) label which instantly lets you know how busy certain parking spaces are. So, you’ll not have to worry about finding that dream spot and arriving to see that its completely full!How to Get the AppThe application is available on Android and Apple devices and can be found in the Google Play and Apple Store respectively. If you’re still not sold, you can even try it in your browser for a quick look which can be accessed by going to the Truck Parking Europe website.