How To Use Ice Cream Showcase

  Now, I have a good product recommended for everyone. It is the CHENJIA ice cream showcase. Let me briefly introduce the CHENJIA ice cream showcase, which has the following advantages:

  CHENJIA Ice Cream Showcase

  It has all the characteristics of professional display case. Besides, it is small and convenient and low in price.

  The fully enclosed refrigerant compressor unit is characterized by high efficiency, low consumption, and low noise. It also has a high and low pressure switch and operates through automatic induction according to the temperature in the cabinet, which will protect the compressor, save power, and protect the environment.

  Thus the product is more transparent and shows ideal demisting, with humidity resistance up to 75%.

  The temperature fluctuation for the ice cream in the cabinet can be minimized, which will ensure a stable taste of the ice cream and the taste will not be affected due to temperature fluctuation.

  The entire equipment is connected by screws, without application of glue. Therefore, the product is environmental-friendly and is convenient for replacing accessories.

  Unique dual functional design for fixed foot and the mobile pulley is adopted, which facilitate movement and fixation.

  Finally, if you are interested in CHENJIA ice cream showcase, please feel free to contact us.

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