Beverage Cooler-Long Life

  Want to buy the best beverage cooler? Come to CHENJIA, we produce high quality beverage cooler. If you are interested in our Beverage Cooler, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.

  The Beverage Cooler is perfect for wine lovers who like to keep a variety of beverages on hand for guests. The two zones of the wine and beverage cooler are separated by a vertical divider and are enclosed by a pair of glass French doors. The shelves are durable, vinyl coated, and slide-out for easy access and restocking.

  Countertop and end cap refrigeration are ideal for customer visibility as these are often placed on checkout counters, concession stands, or bar tops. Undercounter refrigeration is ideal for close quarter areas like kitchens, barbacks, and checkout counters as it creates the convenience of being compact.

  ”Ice Cream Showcase” for any kind of shop in everywhere. Welcome! Please check our products, you will find showcases for refrigerate your “ice cream” or gelato and many ice cream freezer. We can supply personalized showcases for your production all with temperature controller and also sale quality refrigeration system and freezer.Ice cream showcase is compact, smooth lines, the appearance of luxury, European-style;The use of cold streaming technology, large brass evaporation area, cooling quickly, even air-conditioning.

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