How To Use Ice Cream Showcase

  Now, I have a good product recommended for everyone. It is the CHENJIA ice cream showcase. Let me briefly introduce the CHENJIA ice cream showcase, which has the following advantages:   CHENJIA Ice Cream Showcase   It has all the characteristics of professional display case. Besides, it is small and convenient and low in price.   The fully […]

Super Favorite Home Appliances Recommended

    CHENJIA Household Appliance introduction:   Electric household appliance   Freezers, household-retail   Garbage disposers, electric-retail   Household appliance   Kitchens, complete   Refrigerators and related electric and gas appliances   Vacuum cleaner stores   If you are interested in CHENJIA Household Appliance, please feel free to contact us.

Chenjia Ice Cream Showcase – Secure

  CHENJIA Ice Cream Showcase introduction:   Imported refrigeration unit, stable performance, high refrigeration efficiency, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.Static cooling system, good insulation and temperature equalization.Transparent organic glass door opened ahead, has good adiabatic performance, effective reduction of surface condensation and good perspective.Ice cream display on desktop, save space and can be suitable for […]

My Favorite Ice Cream Showcase Recommended

We are CHENJIA Electric Company, we produce different kinds of electrical appliances, now please allow me to introduce our CHENJIA Ice Cream Showcase in detail: Display cabinet structure is compact, smooth lines, the appearance of luxury; The use of cold streaming technology, large brass evaporation area, cooling quickly, even air-conditioning, preservation effect is strong; Precise […]

Ice Cream Showcase History

“Ice Cream Showcase” and gelato display freezer for any kind of shop everywhere. Please check our products, you will find showcases for refrigerate your “ice cream” or gelato and many ice cream freezer. We can supply personalized showcases for your production all with temperature controller and also sale quality refrigeration system and freezer.This freezer to […]

Chenjia Household Appliances And Vertical Display Cabinets

The household appliances and upright showcase produced by CHENJIA are of super good quality. Less power consumption, energy saving and long use time, not easy to break. If you are interested in our household appliances and upright showcase, please feel free to contact us. The Upright Showcase are made by high quality stucco embossed aluminium […]

Energy-saving Visi Cooler

UV protected galvanised sheets for interior and exterior Adjustable plastic-coated wire mesh shelves Energy-effi-cient cooling unit Uniform cooling by forced air circulation Clear product visibility with dual glass Self-closing door Canopy for merchandising with rear illumination Tested for higher ambient and outdoor conditions The commercial refrigeration range from voltas. Corrosion resistant. Low maintenance. Optimum cooling. […]

Long Life China Home Appliance

Meet China Home Appliance manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters featured in the Consumer Electronics industry from China. China Home Appliance factory with growing trade capacity and capacity for innovation have the greatest potential for growth in retail sales of consumer electronics and appliances. Technological innovation and the need to replace or upgrade products drive demand for it. […]

Chenjia Commercial Appliance, Super Power Saving

Chen Jia produces well-made electrical appliances. There are many types of electrical appliances. Only you can’t think of it, no we don’t produce it. Chenjia produces ice cream showcase, beverage cooler, visi coolers, household appliances, upright showcase, china home appliance and commercial appliance. First, let’s introduce our Commercial Appliance: Whether you manufacture commercial foodservice, commercial […]