Upright Showcase-Independent

  We are a well-known manufacturer of Chest Freezers, Showcase Freezers, Glass Showcases, Beverage Coolers.The Upright Showcase is with a fan inside the upright display fridge cabinet but not on the evaporator which makes the air circulating inside the beverage display fridge cabinet.Great for showcasing valuable merchandise,the upright showcase.   We understand the importance of displaying food […]

High Visibility Upright Showcase

  The Upright Showcase include Static Direct Cooling Refrigerator Showcase, Enforced Air Fan Cooling Refrigerator Showcase & Fan Direct Cooling Refrigerator Showcase.Static direct cooling type upright display refrigerator cabient is without a fan in the display fridge to avoid losing of water inside the food,fruit,vegetable stored inside the upright showcase and is more cost-efficiency.The Upright Showcase […]

Multifunctional Upright Showcase

  The Upright Showcase which is a beverage cooler vertical refrigerated display case can be used as beer cooler showcase,drink refrigerated showcase and beverage commercial refrigerator cabinet for beer brewery industry and soft drink beverage industry   The door of the upright beverage visicooler cabinet is double-layer vacuumed glass doors. Optional electric defrosting heating wire can be […]

Chenjia Household Appliances And Vertical Display Cabinets

The household appliances and upright showcase produced by CHENJIA are of super good quality. Less power consumption, energy saving and long use time, not easy to break. If you are interested in our household appliances and upright showcase, please feel free to contact us. The Upright Showcase are made by high quality stucco embossed aluminium […]