There are many forms of accident

Put lights on your bike LED G4 Light Suppliers particularly the head light and the rear light. This accident happens when a car is pulling on a side street or parking lot and the victim is coming either from the front or side of the car. When talking about tips, there should always be safety in your mind.Bicycles are one of the oldest and environment friendly ways of transportation ever invented. One of the accidents that commonly occur is getting hit through the right cross. Also, the person using it can be prone to accidents due to its light weight.
. Fortunately, following some advice on riding your bike can lessen the risk of having an accident. As an advice for riding on your bike, this time when you see a parked car in your direction and you see a driver in it try to avoid passing near it because the door prize disaster may hit you hard. Obeying traffic rules and safety law like wearing helmet is a must because accidents may happen without you knowing it. So if drivers in your country use the right road in driving use it as well and do not go on opposite directions because the drivers may get confused once they see you coming towards them. One advice for riding on your bike is to install a headlight especially for night riding. It doesnt require any harmful gases to run and the rider also stays active when using it. Head mounted lights on helmets are one of the best options because drivers can easily see you once you look at them and in this case they can see you coming on all sides of their car.

Also, always remember to take it easy on your speed so that even if you will not be able to make eye contact with the driver you can go slowing down easily to avoid any accident. This happens whenever someone opens his car door in front of the biker and the biker do not have enough time to clutch on the brakes. Lastly, it is better to follow the direction of the road where vehicles go.

The Right Cross Accident

There are many forms of accident that may happen while riding your bicycle. Even though this situation sounds too silly it is actually the most common type of accident that usually happens on parking lots and shoulder of the road. Rear light should be the flashing red light and they can give you protection from accident during the night. However, bicycles, are also one of the most dangerous vehicles because their materials are more fragile compared to automobiles. A head light with white light and with a flashing mode should also be used for daytime biking because it can make you visible to other motorists.

The Door Prize Disaster

Another very common accident that bikers often encounter is the door prize accident. Another tip is to have a loud horn which you can use whenever there are vehicles approaching you head on or on the right side of your bicycle.

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