The first thing you must

Get everything dry. Do not install flooring until you are certain the sub-floors are completely dry. You just know it will take every ounce of your energy and strength to straighten your home out in the next couple of days. One of the hardest parts of flood damage cleanup is getting started. Once you have shoveled all the dirt out of your home, you will be able to see just how much damage the flood has caused your flooring or your sub-floors.

Another important aspect of flood damage cleanup is ensuring that all electrical wiring and installations are safe.

For flood damage cleanup of carpets, take them out of the house and hose them. The last thing you need after a flood damage cleanup is have a home that appears clean but with bacteria infested carpets and furniture. You also need to disinfect all kitchen wares. You can use the bleach solution to disinfect china and dinnerware, just make sure to rinse them thoroughly.

There are more things you need to do to complete the process of flood damage cleanup. Severely damaged furniture that has been soaked in sewage water and may be contaminated should be cleaned by professionals. You can use commercially available disinfectants or you can make your own cleaning solution using bleach and warm water. Start by shoveling as much dirt as you can out of your home. Mattresses that has been soaked for more than 24 hours usually need to be thrown out or cleaned professionally. Use a pressure hose or a regular garden hose to wash away as much dirt as possible. Let a licensed electrician have a look at your home’s electrical installations for safety. The most important thing is to get your home clean and disinfected for the safety of your family. Check the Internet for other tips on flood damage cleanup. Throw out warped veneered furniture because having them cleaned and repaired can be costly and not worth it.Experiencing flood is so horrifying but once you have survived it, the terrible responsibility of flood damage cleanup is just as equally, if not more frustrating than the flood itself.

Make sure to disinfect all surfaces, even those that were not reached by flood water. It may take a couple of months for sub-floors to completely dry out.

The first thing you must do is to call your insurance company if you have flood insurance for your home. You must boil your silverware, pots and pans. If only rainwater entered your home, you can consider airing the walls out by cutting and removing up to twelve inches of the wallboards at top and the bottom of the walls. Your agent will be able to tell you what documents you need to fill out and evidences you need to provide the company to process your insurance claim. Throw out carpets that have been soaked in sewage water for health reasons or have them cleaned professionally. Throw away plush dolls and other stuffed animals that have been soaked, especially those that belong to the baby. If the carpet can not be taken out, you can just dry it out using a wet vacuum cleaner. If you have wooden sub-floors make sure to remove all the top flooring to dry out the wooden sub-floors. An adjuster will contact you or a claims appraiser will visit your home to inspect the damages . Continue to document damages to your home by taking photos of the damaged floors or sub-floors.

If there is sun out, take all wet furniture and household items out to dry.
. Throw out items that have been severely damaged. Different insulation materials must also be treated differently.

Once you are certain you can have the insurance claim processed, you can start with your flood damage cleanup. Make sure you can get your things dry as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew from developing.

Wallboards must be removed especially if they have been soaked in mud water or sewage water. Open all the windows to your home and use a fan to let the air circulate and to dry out the carpet. Wash all wet Spring machine price clothing, bed linens, towels and other home items that are made of cloth and can be dried. You need to properly document all the damage to your home before you start with the flood damage cleanup. Staring at all the dirt and the damage on your property brought about by the flood, you will certainly feel overwhelmed.

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