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What is the reason for the overall deformation of aluminum die castings

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If the non-ferrous metal casting process produced by the manufacturer is extremely strict, these problems will not arise, so we need to go to a regular manufacturer when buying aluminum die-casting.In the process of using non-ferrous metal casting, we will find that copper elbow aluminum die casting will be deformed as a whole or locally; this will affect our use, so what is the reason for this? Let me first introduce to you the reasons for the deformation of aluminum die-casting!

What is the reason for the overall deformation of aluminum die castings? There are many types of products, which can satisfy the consumption needs of various consumers.The company specializes in manufacturing precision non-ferrous metal casting products, which can provide hundreds of products to meet the various needs of customers.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, including poor structure of the casting; too early mold opening, insufficient rigidity of the casting; when the gate position or gate thickness is too thick, the gate is easily deformed when the gate is cut off; the local surface is rough The resistance is large and the product deforms when it is ejected; the temperature of the mold is too high, the product is not completely cured, the force is large when it is ejected, or the ejector rod is improperly set and the force is uneven during ejection; it causes deformation of the product.The product’s qualifications are complete, and consumers are 100% guaranteed after purchasing the product.

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