Calories Burned Per Hour Sitting

Sitting is among the lowest calorie-burning activities, but the more active you are in a sitting position, the more calories you will burn. Types’s activity calculator divides sitting into several categories. For a 150-lb. person, sitting quietly burns 68 calories per hour, sitting while talking, spectating at a sports […]

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Important Tips for Reducing the Risk of Cancer

Are you concerned about preventing cancer? Take complete control over your life and make certain lifestyle changes such as doing regular exercises, eating healthy foods, and getting all relevant screenings done regularly. Your chances of getting cancer are impacted mostly by the lifestyle choices made by you. Some lifestyle changes […]

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New Parents

Important Tips on Nursing Kids for the New Parents

Welcoming a newborn baby into the home is undoubtedly one of the happiest moments of our lives for the majority of us. But this also marks the beginning of a very responsible and mature inning of our lives, where every step is to be taken with utmost care and love, […]

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