Chenjia Ice Cream Showcase Is Cheap And Easy To Use

We are CHENJIA Electric Company, we produce different kinds of electrical appliances, now please allow me to introduce our CHENJIA Ice Cream Showcase in detail:

Display cabinet structure is compact, smooth lines, the appearance of luxury;
The use of cold streaming technology, large brass evaporation area, cooling quickly, even air-conditioning, preservation effect is strong;
Precise microcomputer control cabinet display cabinet moderate temperature;
An electric double-layer anti-fog glass hollow steel, high fog, high transparency;
Beneath the top layer are equipped with energy-saving fluorescent lamps, not only enhanced display of results, but also energy saving; Movable cabinet with roller foot design, mobile, easier to use;
The full import, closed, low noise compressor, security and stability;
The polyurethane foam, high strength, high density, security, power and beautiful;

If you are interested in our ice cream showcase, please feel free to contact us.

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