Innovative Beverage Cooler

  The digitally-controlled thermostat lets you set the desired temperatures for perfectly chilled whites and reds. This front-vented design allows free standing or built in installation. Perfect for those who want to conveniently store wines while freeing up additional space in their refrigerator or cabinet.Dual zone beverage centers allow you to keep a wider variety of drinks at different temperatures while outdoor units are designed specifically to stand up to the elements and still operate at peak performance.

  Specifications like, size, capacity and features differ from unit to unit and this enables you to find a beverage refrigerator that meets the exact needs of both your family and your space.A beverage refrigerator allows you to keep a variety of drinks at the ready, whether it’s for the purpose of entertaining or just to have on hand.

  CHENJIA produces the best beverage coolers. If you are interested in our Beverage Cooler, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.

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