Had the defendants in these cases earlier offered something as simple as an apology

Had the defendants in these cases earlier offered something as simple as an apology — and had they made a sincere effort to communicate while taking timely remedial action — I believe the resulting quality in perception could have prevented many of these lawsuits, even if the quality in fact still left something to be desired.Example 3 – Honest Communication MattersA group of consultants took on a major project (a Web site to collect and process data) that their clients truly believed would be  Chinese Gunpowder Tea 02 Suppliers  easy.

The group had not tackled anything like it before, but they, too, thought it would be possible to complete the project quickly. After all, it looked simple. How complicated could a Web site be?Little did they realize it would be many times more complex than the client’s basic home page. The project finally turned out to be nearly impossible for the consulting group to complete. The consultants finally got the system to work after many delays and dozens of mishaps. The clients, however, were very unhappy, even though the consultants ultimately fulfilled the project requirements (quality in fact).Whose fault was it? The clients didn’t understand what they were asking for. To top it off, they insisted on a short schedule that reflected their simplistic view of the effort. The consulting group, on the other hand, was not forthright about its own limitations. The partners scurried to find people who claimed to be able to do the work. They kept quiet about their own difficulties and did not reveal their growing problems. The group’s ongoing failure to communicate greatly reduced the clients’ confidence, and drastically shortchanged their quality in perception.In conclusion, quality in perception can profoundly affect your customers’ and clients’ experiences with your products, services, and project solutions.

To make sure you’re not overlooking opportunities to create quality in perception, consider:1) Special courtesies that can set your offerings apart from your competitors’2) Your ability to listen to and handle complaints quickly and diplomatically3) Your willingness to be honest with clients about problems and shortcomingsRemember that quality in perception is not a substitute for quality in fact. But it can go a long way toward minimizing customer and client dissatisfaction, as well as powerfully reinforcing stellar quality when you ultimately deliver it.

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