Choose the Best Dog Boarding to Ensure Safety of Your Pets

If you need to go away for a few days, finding a safe and comfortable boarding for your pet is a priority.

With so many Edmonton Dog Kennels available today, it may be overwhelming to find one that suits your budget, matches your pet’s and your requirements. While shortlisting a boarding for your canine, ask the following six questions –

1. How Can I Find the Perfect Boarding?
It’s always a good idea to ask your pet’s vet as they talk to pet lovers all day and have a fair idea of good local boarding options for dogs. You can also ask around a dog park or your friends and family members for recommendations.

2. Should I take a Tour of the Kennel?
Before you leave your precious pet at the boarding, make sure to take a thorough tour of the facility. Check whether it is quiet, odor-free and well-lit. All the play areas and living spaces must be free from any waste or urine to avoid any diseases. Also, check that it is not overcrowded and there are enough staff members to attend to the pets.

3. What Kind of Staff is Suitable for my Pet?
The staff at the kennel must be attentive and should have all the information about the pets under their care.

Also, when you’re leaving your pet, they must make proper notes of his diet, exercise needs, medications and other habits and information like his favorite toy. The staff must be patient, warm and friendly and genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of your pet.

4. What to Look for in Exercise or Play Programs?
Some kennels offer play time in their fee while others don’t. If you own a greyhound or German Shephard that requires walking, check with the boarding if they provide an assistant to take your dog on his daily walks. Make sure to carry some of your own toys for your pet so that they have a sense of familiarity.

5. What are the Safety Issues I should be Concerned About?
Keep an eye for any bent wires, jagged edges or torn fencing around the kennel. This may be a red sign for the kennel’s safety standards.

6. What about my Pet’s Vaccination Needs?
Normally, you should give your dog vaccinations for Rabies, Bordetella, and DA2PP at least 10 days before you drop him off at a boarding. Make sure to visit the vet and get all necessary flea and tick preventions and heartworm preventions as well to avoid any diseases during your absence.

If you are confused about choosing from so many Edmonton dog kennels, just trust your gut and know that if you feel comfortable at the boarding facility with the staff and the environment, your best bud will also surely feel at ease.

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Choose a Puppy Day Care Facility in Edmonton?

If you work long hours or are having trouble with the endless energy levels of your canine, choosing a dog day care facility can be a great help.

Professional centers are much like social clubs for pooches and offer great care and affection. Your demanding lifestyle can be eased with help found to manage your best friend’s interests. Here are some things to consider before you choose a day care facility in Edmonton:

1. Travel Time
If you’re going to drop off and pick up your pet every day before and after work, you might want a center that’s on your way and closer to home. Dogs might get really tired with long commute and traffic every day and therefore, it is vital to pick a daycare that’s convenient for both, you and your dog.

2. Dog Screening
Always pick a day care facility that has the right method in place to interview your dog before placing him in a group. This will avoid aggressive encounters and keep your canine friend happy during the day time.

3. Affectionate Staff
The staff must be well-trained on dog behavior and body language and all play must recognize any signs of conflict or anxiety. You would want your dog to have a home away from home while you’re at work and this can only happen with loving and caring staff members.

4. Uncompromised Cleanliness
Cleanliness must be a top priority at the facility and it must be well-ventilated to keep your dog healthy and happy every day. Ensure that in the case of any accidents, the center manages immediate clean-ups and all other dogs at the daycare look healthy.

5. Physical Supervision
The staff members in charge of your dogs must be physically present with them at all times, rather than just supervising from a gate or a window. At no time should your dog be left alone at the daycare.

6. Apt Control Measures
These include calling away dogs when they are about to get into a fight, giving small interval periods of 2-3 minutes or training them towards more appropriate social behaviors. If the staff at the daycare is using techniques like yelling, punishing or physically manipulating pets, it may not be the right facility for your furry friend.

Warning Signs to Beware of

•    Seeing dogs around that are constantly barking or pacing rather than resting
•    Facilities that don’t require proof of vaccinations
•    Kennels that mention they don’t allow aggressive breeds might not know the difference between behavior and temperament
•    If they don’t allow you to drop in on their classes of training lab puppies or facilities unannounced
•    Uncleanly environment
•    Small, dirty and difficult to clean pens or a pen that isn’t escape proof
•    Kennels that won’t show you where your dog will be kept
•    Facilities where you can easily find peeling paint, blocked drains or jagged wire edges

Whether you want a day care facility in Edmonton to keep your dog healthy and happy during the day or want great classes for training lab puppies, doing the right research will help you find the perfect match for your best bud!

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The Best Options for Dog Kennels at Your Service

If you’re planning a business trip or a family vacation, you might have to board your dog when you’re away if you can’t take them with you. While this can be extremely stressful for both, you and your dog, finding the right dog kennels will ensure that he is looked after and cared for in your absence.

There are many options for dog boarding that ensure your dog’s happiness and comfort while you’re away.

Knowing your Dog’s Needs

Before you decide on the best option for boarding, you must consider your dog’s behavior and needs. Ask the following questions to yourself:

• Is he an indoor or an outdoor dog?
• Does he have any medical conditions that need to be addressed with prescription foods or meds?
• Does he move around your home alone or has he always been left in a kennel in your absence?
• Is he someone who gets along with other pets or people?
• Is there is a possibility that your stay will increase unexpectedly?
• Does he have any bad or unusual habits that your dog sitter or boarding staff should be made aware of?

Kenneling Dogs

Choosing a professional and reliable dog boarding kennel will ensure that your dog is always safe, happy and healthy. There is evidence that kenneling dogs is more of a positive experience and helpful in many ways. Most dogs prefer to have their own personal space similar to a den. Kenneling also has strong benefits for health and safety reasons.

You can ask your vet for recommendations on the best kennel in your area or speak to your friends and family about their experiences. Before you drop off your dog, it is vital to visit the facility and check their services.

Dog Sitting

If your dog is not the right fit for a kennel, you can also consider asking your friends or family for a favor and requesting them to dog sit at your residence. Being in his natural environment, your dog might be more comfortable and stress-free.

Just make sure to make a list of all the instructions and food requirements so that the caretaker can take good care of your loved pet.

If no one can come and visit your home during your absence, you can also leave your pet in a friend’s house until your return. However, not all dogs may be comfortable away from home in your absence and this could make it awkward for your caretaker to manage your pet.

For pet parents who are traveling for a longer duration, choosing a trusted kennel is a better option in terms of comfort, care, and attention.

We offer dog kennel services in the Edmonton, Alberta area, just five minutes from Edmonton International airport (YEG), contact us today or book with us online.

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Advantages of Pet Boarding When on Vacation

No family ever likes to leave their pet behind when they go for a vacation. However, if you’re going someplace where you can’t take your furry friend along, pet boarding is one of the best options to take care of your cats and dogs.

Pet kennels offer great comfort for your pets and along with entertainment, food and stay options that keep your best bud happy till you come back. Whether you’re going to go away for long or short trip, you might want to try with a Puppy Daycare Edmonton for a day or two before leaving your pet for more than a week at the facility. The 5 key benefits of using pet boarding during your vacation include:

1. Social Interactions
A lot of pet parents often worry that leaving their pets in a boarding facility might lead to undesirable interactions with other pets. However, in professional facilities that offer the right supervision, your pets can actually make new friends in a healthy and playful environment.

This can be a great skill for your pet to be comfortable with for future interactions and encounters in daily life. Plus, if they are the only pet at home, this will be a good chance for them to bond with other dogs or cats like them.

2. Medical Attention
Every parent worries about their pet’s health when they are away. The best part about pet boarding is the professionals who will keep a watchful eye for any medical problems that may arise during his stay.

While choosing a pet boarding facility, make sure to pick a facility that has trained and knowledgeable staff, experience goes a long way. It might also help to ensure all vaccinations are given beforehand and notify the staff about any prevailing medical problems faced by your pets.

3. Professional Care
Many pet boarding facilities offer genuine care and comfort for your pets while you’re away. This makes them feel like they are at a fun sleep-over camp while they are being watched by well trained staff. The staff will be well-equipped to handle any situation, manage pets with special needs and also administer special foods for pets on a particular diet.

4. Suitable Exercise & Play Time
Dogs especially need their dose of daily exercise and nutrition to keep them happy and healthy. Many puppy and dog daycare and boarding facilities offer supervised play time and also outdoor play areas. Just make sure that the facility manages dogs of different breeds, ages, and sizes separately to avoid any mishaps.

5. Safety & Peace of Mind
When you keep your pet in a boarding facility, you can be assured that they won’t be running on the street or escape unknowingly. Safety is a primary concern for all pet owners as well as staff. With the right boarding kennel, you can ensure your furry friend is in good hands and is having a great time!

Leaving your pets at a boarding facility can be a good experience for them and it can make sure that you enjoy your vacation without much stress!

Are you in need of Pet Boarding services in the Edmonton? We are here to help, Contact us today for your pet boarding needs.

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Why People Say We Are The Best Dog Boarding At Edmonton

Edmonton residents deem us the most wonderful Dog Boarding Edmonton facility offering state of the art arrangements that benefit the dogs with a highly convenient place to stay and the pet owners with the most economical, enjoyable and safe place for their furry friends. We accept all breeds of dogs inside our facility. We do not think twice before providing entry to any of our guest dogs. We are experts with a long experience in dealing with dogs and therefore we know what is best for the four legged canine friends. Our facility is well equipped with all the amenities, clean atmosphere and the comforts that will thrill dogs when you away. Hence, you can be always assured that your pets are at the safest place to be cared, nurtured and fed.

What we provide
You will find our dog boarding facility very clean, hygienic and fun filled one that will meet the needs of dog care in every regard. The kennels we have for the dogs are highly spacious and are of different sizes to meet the diverse kinds of requirements. This is to suit the needs of different dog breeds brought to us. All our staff and professionals here are trained and experienced to provide the best care for your dogs. We have about 12000 square feet indoor and 6000 square feet outdoor facility.

Special arrangements
We can also administer the medicines to your dogs if needed. Since we have individual indoor runs, pets from the same home can stay together if required. Your dogs will also get access to some quality outdoor playtime. Throughout the day, the dogs can access the outdoor pens many times. The outdoor flooring is heated adequately during winter time for keeping their feet warm. The facility is thoroughly cleaned and maintained securely with solid walls. Your dog get the much required comfort as well as privacy.

The rare arrangement you will find with us
We are located at just about 5 Km from the Edmonton airport. If you are on your way to the airport after leaving your dog, you can also enjoy a hassle free parking by leaving your vehicle at our facility. You can either take a taxi to the airport or travel by other means while your vehicle is safe here with us during the period of your journey. This helps you avoid the expensive and tensing airport parking hassles. The only requirement is that you will have to take the vehicle upon return only during the business hours when we are open.

A home away from home
We very well know that dogs are highly used to the foods they regularly eat at homes. In order that your pet does not face any digestion issues due to change in diet, you can also get your preferred dog food and handover to us to be administered to your pets. However, we can also provide a highly nutritious food to your dogs that are highly delicious too. Therefore you will find our facility one of the rarest kinds of accommodation that combines in it everything you deem great for your pets.

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What you need to Know about Pet Boarding Services in Nisku

With thousands of boarding kennels across Canada providing high quality facilities to millions of pet owners, those looking for boarding, grooming and day care facilities for their dogs and cats have a many of options to choose from a within the spectrum of boarding facilities, there are several options when you look at Pet Boarding Services Leduc. Located in Alberta, neighbouring communities and cities are Edmonton and Leduc to name a few. Whether you live around Nisku or come to work, choosing a pet boarding facility in this area can prove to be a convenient option.

Here are a few options that you may come across on your search when wanting to board your dog –

Dog Kennels
These boarding services house dogs temporarily or for long term. Complete with multiple dog runs, growing areas, training halls and an individual enclosure, these are great options to consider when looking for a day care facility. Many dog kennels promote dog owners to leave behind familiar objects such as toys and blankets. Some kennels also offer training and grooming facilities in addition to boarding, acting as a one-stop shop for all your pet needs.

Dog Hotels
A dog hotel is very similar to a regular hotel with many amenities for dogs such as a spa and various other high end options. These types of facilities come at a cost and can be very expensive, similar to a regular hotel. They offer boarding services and care for a set number of days while you are gone. Additional services include feeding, bathing, regular exercise and a host of other services that you can request at the time of check-in.

Dog Sitters
Dog sitters are typically contracted to help look after your pet at your home. This helps the pet stay in his or her comfort area or regular routine. However, many pet owners in Nisku prefer not to have strangers in their home while they are gone and rather check their pets into a boarding service where they get to meet new people and probably make new doggy friends.

More often than not, you will be able to find a facility that offers an amalgamation of all these services, making it easy for you to have the say trainers and caretakers look after your pet all year round when you are at work or when you need to travel.

If you are interested in dog boarding and dog day-care services in Nisku, feel free to give us a call or book online. We’d love to have your pet come stay with us.

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How to Choose a Dog Boarding Facility in Edmonton

Having a pet of your own is as good as having a child. Your beloved dogs require and demand as much tender, love and care as a child would. However, it is not always possible for you to take them along with your everywhere you go. Whether you need to leave the city for vacation or business finding the right boarding facility can give you the much-needed peace of mind.

Finding the Right Kennel for your Dog
The best way to find the right dog boarding facility for your pet is to get it from reliable references. Ask a friend, neighbour, your veterinarian, dog trainer or a local animal shelter. The internet is also a good source to look for kennels and dog boarding facilities in Edmonton. Once you have a list of names, consider doing a little background check of your own.

Also make sure that the facility meets all the requirements by the Province of Alberta. Make sure that the kennel you are considering is displaying the certificate or license showcasing that all mandated standards are met by the kennel.

Finally, you also want to make sure that the kennel you are shortlisting is able to accommodate your pet on the dates you are gone.

The ideal way to make an assessment whether the boarding facility is ideal for your dog is to pay a personal visit. Here are a few things you should be looking for at the kennel –

• Does the facility look hygienic and clean? You can assess it by how it looks overall and whether it smells good.

• Does the boarding facility come with enough ventilation and light?

• Does the place maintain a comfortable temperature?

• How knowledgeable and caring is the staffs?

• Also check whether they require the pets to be current on their vaccination schedule. This must include the vaccine for canine kennel cough (Bordetella).

• Check the size of the indoor-outdoor run and their exercise schedule. Make sure it meets the requirements of your pet.

• Do the runs and exercise areas have sufficient protection from the rain, snow and wind?

• Make sure that the resting boards and bedding offered allow your dog to rest off the concrete floor.

• If the boarding facility also houses cats, make sure that they are housed away from the dogs.

• Make sure the feeding schedule of the kennel matches that of your dog.

• Check if the facility allows you to bring special food for your pet.

• Does the facility offer veterinary services?

• Do they offer grooming, bathing and training services?

Once you have shortlisted the kennel and booked the boarding facilities, it is time to start preparing your pet for being boarded. Make sure your dog is familiar with the basic commands and is able to socialize around other pets and people. Try to board your pet for the first time on a short trip. This will allow you to work out any possible issues before you leave him for longer durations.

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