The bank is also working on the other side of the spectrum

RTGS and NEFT are important components of the banking system, and rules and charges related to the same have remained almost same across all major banks. The move is being seen as a means to promote digital economy. Currently, a minimal charge is applied for NEFT and RTGS transactions, but even that will be abolished by HDFC bank.With HDFC Bank taking the lead in making NEFT and RTGS transactions free, experts said that other banks may also follow suit.

The bank is also working on the other side of the spectrum by increasing the charges on cheque based transactions. The rates and charges of various banks are more of less the same, since the competition is tough and banks cannot afford to be entirely different. Now, that the NEFT and RTGS transactions have been made free by HDFC Bank, other banks are most likely to announce a similar decision. These steps are likely to motivate people to shift to NEFT and RTGS, the vital pillars of banking transactions in a digitized world. “The revision in NEFT/RTGS online charges is applicable across all retail savings, salary and non-resident customers, effective November 1, 2017,” HDFC Bank said. Issue of cheque books will also cost more. The free NEFT and RTGS transactions will come into effect from November 1.Newspatrolling: In a welcome Auto Spare Parts Manufacturers development for HDFC customers, the countrys leading bank has decided to make NEFT and RTGS transactions free of cost.

The same is true of the so-called Independent members

Under the present consitutional provisions, Jalan says, as a consequence of amendments carried out in 1985 and in 2013 to prevent defections, now there is also a built-in perverse incentive for the fragmentation of political parties at the time of election.He also feels it is of utmost importance that the anti-defection law be made applicable to all parties and so-called Independent members who choose to join a coalition government in power.

The same is true of the so-called Independent members who are supported by some political party during elections. Such an amendment to the anti-defection law will go a long way in strengthening the principle of collective responsibility of the cabinet to the people, as enshrined in the Constitution, says Jalan in his book India: Priorities for the Future published by Penguin. In the Lok Sabha, with 543 elected members, a party with, say 10 or 15 members (even less), can join the government, enjoy ministerial berths and then delay or help in amending a cabinet decision on an important policy measure. Jalan, who was a nominated member of the Rajya Sabha from 2003 to 2009, says that, however, if the same person is a member of a small party of five or ten members, a consensus to defect among all of them or only three or four of them, and switch from one coalition to another, is easier to achieve.

New Delhi, Aug 7 (IANS) Former Reserve Bank of India Governor Bimal Jalan says anti-defection law should be amended to reduce the built-in incentive for the fragmentation of parties and to improve governance by making members to seek re-election if they switch China Auto Brake Hose Manufacturers sides.. This is because the smaller a party, the greater the ability of an individual legislator to defect to another party in search of political power. In other words, parties that join a coalition should not be able to defect without having to seek re-election. Thus, for example a member elected from large national party has very little discretion to defect without the support of a substantial number of other members who also wished to defect. In a situation where multi-party coalitions are the norm, all regional or caste leaders with a handfull of constituencies naturally have a much greater incentive to form their own separate parties rather than join a large party, he says.

The judge dismissed the argument that the shove

The Portuguese player, 32, was also fined 3,005 euros (3,538) for the action against the referee and 800 euros (942.97) and 350 euros (412.The sole judge on the RFEFs Competition Committee, after reviewing Real Madrids defence statements, first of all made clear that the referee was the only sportive authority during the match and his decisions were irrevocable.Ronaldo, who entered the field in the 58th minute to replace French striker Karim Benzema, was first booked for taking off his jersey as he was celebrating a spectacular goal in the 79th minute.

The judge dismissed the argument that the shove had been an instinctive response from Ronaldo, as Real Madrid claimed, and instead called it an unjustified and disproportionate reaction.84) for the dismissal, while Real Madrid was fined 1,400 (1649. The two teams are set to face off in the second leg at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid on Wednesday.Sundays match, which was held at Barcelonas Camp Nou stadium, ended with a 3-1 win for Real Madrid.De Burgos said in his report after the match about the incident that Ronaldo had pushed him lightly following his dismissal.The judge also considered that the player violated article 96 of the disciplinary code, which forbids pushing the referee and imposes bans ranging between 4-12 matches for that action.

Three minutes later, he got his second yellow card after the referee decided his fall inside the penalty box after vying for the ball with Barcelona defender Samuel Umtiti had been faked.The RFEF said the decision was subject to appeal before the Appeals Committee within 10 business days.49), respectively.IANSpur/dgPost Source: Ians feed.RFEF banned Ronaldo for one match due to him being dismissed following two yellow cards one for taking off his jersey while celebrating a goal and the other for simulating a penalty and another four matches for pushing the matchs referee, Ricardo de Burgos Bengoechea, reports Efe.Madrid, Aug 14 (IANS) The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) on Auto spare parts Suppliers Monday imposed a five-match ban on Real Madrid star forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who had lightly pushed the referee after being shown a red card during the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup against FC Barcelona

Minister Narendra Modi will on Tuesday visit Udaipur

They said that Modi would also dedicate 11 completed national highway projects, covering a total length of about 873 km, to the nation.

These Auto Gas Springs include a six-lane cable-stayed bridge across the Chambal river at Kota. He is scheduled to arrive in Udaipur at around 12.45 p.m.Modi would also perform the Bhoomi Poojan (ground-breaking ceremony) for six national highway projects, covering a distance of about 556 km, an official statement said.Tomorrow (Tuesday).

I will be visiting Rajasthan, the land of the brave, where I will inaugurate and lay the foundation of key National Highway projects.IANSrak/nir/vmPost Source: Ians feed. I will address a public meeting in Udaipur.New Delhi, Aug 28 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on Tuesday visit Udaipur, where he will inaugurate some completed road projects, lay the foundation stones for new highway projects and address a public gathering, officials said on Monday.During his visit, the Prime Minister will also address a public gathering at Khel Gaon in Udaipur and visit the Pratap Gaurav Kendra.The national highway projects he would be laying foundation stones for are worth around Rs 15,000 crore, according to sources.m and leave for Delhi at 3. I will also visit the Pratap Gaurav Kendra and pay my respects to the great Maharana Pratap, the Prime Minister tweeted.

The complexity of hobby grade

The only similarity between the toy and hobby grade RC cars is that they are both models of land vehicles that are used via remote radio control system. Not only that, since there are different terrain in which an RC car race can be held, there are also off-road models suited for all terrain racing because of their wheels and suspension. These trade offs are analyzed by the hobbyist in making his decision on which type of RC car to own. The main difference in the two types of models however is that the toy grade one is just a bunch molded plastic that resembles the look of a miniature car, while the hobby grade types are actual miniature models of vehicles that come with individual parts assembled much like a real, full sized car. On both types of engines, there will be trade offs.

Whether your RC car is electric or fuel powered, you can be assured that your car will need a lot of maintenance from repair and upgrading of car parts to cleaning and tuning to make sure that your race machine can hold its own out on the race track among other RC cars. All these hobby grade RC cars come with complex parts that can be expanded and changed so that a hobbyist can own a fuel powered car which he plastic outdoor chair Suppliers can change for an electric engine if he wants.

For instance, electric powered RC cars are generally lighter than their fuel powered counterparts.

RC (radio controlled) cars is the general term for any car model that uses a radio control system for remote management. However, there are two types of RC cars: the toy grade, which was designed for young boys; and the hobby grade which is the choice of adolescent boys and men of all ages.

So you see, these RC cars are true toys for the bog boys.They say that boys will be boys and although that can be a very subjective generalization, the evolution of boy’s toys into a hobby for grown men can attest to the fact that some boys never grow up-at least in terms of their toy cars. An RC cars hobbyist will have to decide whether he wants a fuel powered or electric powered vehicle. That and the fact that hobby grade RC cars are made for racing that allow men to compete with each other using their personalized racing cars. In fact, hobby grade RC cars are treated exactly like real cars because it requires regular maintenance and run on actual miniature car engines. However, fuel powered RC cars are faster than their electric counterparts.

. The complexity of hobby grade RC cars is probably the main attraction for men of all ages.

Some hobby grade RC cars run on electrically propelled machines while the rest run on fuel powered engines. They are something that can be appreciated by grown ups in terms of complexity and ability for real races and it allows men to feel like boys again even for just a while.

Because the RC cars are used for racing, they are fitted with extra powerful radio controlled systems that allow remote control from many distances

Advisor to Foundation for Religious Diplomacy

Vision of St. Pauls Lutheran Family Church, “a community of Christians”, in Nevada’s capital Carson City onOctober 11. Reverend Chad Adamik is the Pastor and Douglas Thunder is Council President.Zed, a global Hindu and interfaith leader, has been bestowed with World Interfaith Leader Award.In a remarkable interfaith gesture, distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed will address the congregants and others at St. He has been panelist for “On Faith”, a prestigious interactive conversation on religion produced by The Washington Post; and leads a weekly interfaith panel “Faith Forum” in a Gannett publication for over seven years.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, will speak about Hinduism and its concepts Automotive Gas Springs Manufacturers and answer questions. There are about three million Hindus in USA.1 billion adherents and moksh (liberation) is its ultimate goal.Rajan Zed points out that all people have more in common than they have in conflict. Zed is Senior Fellow and Religious Advisor to Foundation for Religious Diplomacy, Spiritual Advisor to National Association of Interchurch Interfaith Families,on the Advisory Board of The Interfaith Peace Project, etc.Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world, has about 1. A broader, deeper, more inclusive understanding of religion is needed. Paul’s Lutheran Family, an ELCA congregation whose history goes back to 1965, includes “to seek God’s path for our lives”. Besides Carson City; it also serves residents of Dayton, Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe area, Minden, Silver City, Silver Springs, Virginia City and Washoe Valley

 The Met office has predicted intermittent

As rains continued to lash Chennai and suburbs, low lying areas especially in Mudichur and Selaiyur near Tambaram were marooned. He said leakage of electricity from the wire from an open pillar box was the reason for the girls electrocution. Varadarajapuram near Mudichur, one of the worst hit areas in the 2015 floods, again presented a picture of plight as residents started leaving for safer places.Bhavna and Vijayshri, both eight years old, were electrocuted when they stepped on a power cable covered by stagnant rain water in R.IANSvj/vsc/mrPost Source: Ians feed.The weather department has also predicted rain or thundershowers at most places over coastal Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and at many places over interior Tamil Nadu for the next four days.

The Met office has predicted intermittent rains in Chennai, Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur districts for Thursday. Nagar. Schools in these districts were closed for a second consecutive day on Wednesday owing to rains.Chennai, Nov 1 (IANS) Two girls died on Wednesday due to electrocution in Kodungaiyur in Chennai as heavy rains pounded the city and suburban areas as well as coastal districts of Tamil Nadu for a third day. They were closed on Tuesday owing to rains on Monday.P. Eight officials of the Electricity Board, including an Executive Engineer and an Assistant Engineer, were suspended for dereliction of duty, Electricity Minister S. There were 40,000 such pillar boxes in the city, he added. Velumani told reporters. He also announced a solatium of Rs 2 lakh for the kin of the dead.Velumani said chances of electrocution were less in Chennai because of underground cabling of electric wires but the accident took place because of the lack of proper upkeep of the pillar box. They complained that the negligence of the pillar box despite their complaints was the reason for the death of the girls.

A five-member group has been set up in the Electricity Board that would ensure that such incidents do not recur, he added. Another girl escaped after she jumped on a cement slab. The girls were playing near their home as the auto gas springs manufacturers schools were closed because of the rains.Angry residents staged a protest condemning government negligence.R