Although had heard Pengci uncommon

Eagle Eye 668 uses the most advanced GPS chip to support self coordinate functions, providing radar data to fully automatic update service, timely and accurate warning of various speed measurement device, a Conveyor Line Manufacturers good newspaper does not omission, really protect you traffic safety.    This is a holiday the next day trip to see the thing, is the first time I witnessed Pengci event. The way it is, when we are waiting for traffic lights to cross the road in front of a zebra crossing, side by side with our vehicle of another car, seeing the red light to turn green, suddenly on the sidewalk about a 40-year-old man took a step forward “bang” sound just fell on the car in front of the man sitting on the ground holding his knees shouting “Ouch Yo, butt hurts me, whoops ……” crowd rapidly boiling up, the owners get off said, “Excuse me, Are you all right.” can be all right  Ouch, hurts me. “” how to do it  “owners helpless. To 300 dollars, I myself went to the hospital take a look forget it “I obviously did not launch the car is hit over your own.” Hit the people do not recognize, believe it or not, I will sue you! “Owners encounter Pengci, so he said: “I’m afraid you not alarm it, I have a tachograph, there is evidence!” …… count I unlucky, too lazy to care about you. “I stand up dingy the left.

Although had heard Pengci uncommon, but witnessed the malicious blackmail event is still very angry. How would there be such a person  Fortunately, the vehicle owners to install a tachograph, or is hard nut to crack. Tachograph is so magical  Xiaobian here to recommend a really easy to use tachograph – Constant SG-21, it can be a comprehensive record of the driving process, the vehicles traveling the images, sounds recorded, stored in a memory card inside when the accident analysis and evidence collection, can play the video data is used to protect the legitimate rights of the driver.    Constant SG-21 tachograph DEC constant introduction of a world’s first two-way traffic recorder, the appearance of a low-key atmosphere, simple and elegant design, equipped with two high-definition car dvd and car gps rotating camera, 2.0 inches display, support for 720P high-definition camera, support about 4 times digital zoom, built-in high-speed processor, the video segment recorded no leakage seconds, support for large wide-angle, motion detection, infrared night vision, screensavers, camera, camera, sound recording, audio recording, etc., you can When webcam and memory use, at any time to monitor what happened around the riders travel essential.

Summary: Through the above examples to share with you, I believe we later encountered similar problems to know how to solve it.The 51, looks like previous years, the May flies faster, and ran quickly over, but life continues. The Xiaobian through their own personal experience to tell you that a holiday trip not only to play fun, but also pay attention to safety, especially car owners do not speeding ticket is a small, security is a big.

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