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Try a natural herbal cure : Rub some burnt almond shell powder lightly on your front teeth , twice a day and check the results after a fortnight.Brush your teeth everyday, every 12 hours. In that case you are requested to consult a professional dentist. So let us strive for them. These are some common cause and your problem may be due to some totally other reason. McCarty who had awarded as a Super Dentist Award by Texas Monthly Magazine. White teeth always look good and they enhance confidence levels and also one’s personality. You cosmetic cream jar Manufacturers may require these to maintain the white shine, especially if you cannot control smoking, coffee and red wine intake. Change your brush regularly. These brown stains manifest on the front teeth and are difficult to get rid of.

I suggest the following home remedies and basic dental care . Gum disease , infections and bad oral hygiene can also cause white teeth to turn yellow. Do ensue the bristles are not worn out.Some possible causes of these dirty brown stains on the pearly white teeth may be identified as below. Of course make sure, you are not allergic to them. This is a ‘tasty’ healthy solution to the yellow teeth problem.Go for professional bleaching job after studying the pros and cons of the process. So have some every day . Tobacco cause quick staining which is again very difficult to remove.Floss everyday. This red wine can quickly stain your teeth and the cosmetic cure can be really expensive . The fine grains of the salt will remove and reduce yellow stains and bring a white shine back to your teeth. This seems to work for many people and is inexpensive. Look around , most long term smokers will have stained yellow teeth.

Many people have stained front teeth and they look bad when they smile or laugh. Another home remedy that works with many kind of stains is to rub the teeth with a bay leaf , thrice a week. Try chewing raw vegetables , once a day .Another common cause is, red wine. Reduce coffee and red wine intake and reduce smoking. Stains form easily between teeth and flossing is an easy solution. if you want to have bleaching treatments and to gain its effectiveness you can contact nearby dentist or you can also contact Dr. You may be surprised! Try putting some raw common salt on your tooth paste before brushing. Or try a cosmetic dental treatment.If nothing works then:Get your teeth professionally cleaned and polished by a dentist.

This is common sense and also good for your body. They stains may give the impression of bad oral hygiene but the cause may be somewhere else. Strawberries have a natural bleaching effect and are high on Vitamin ‘C’.More than two cups of coffee a day can cause your white teeth to stain quickly.You may also try various bleaching packs and home teeth whitening A comparison between various options available in the market will definitely be beneficial. It is important to understand the cause of the problem and try to find a long term or cosmetic cure.Smoking is another common cause of brown teeth. Old worn out brushes just cannot brush away plaque forming bacteria and are useless. If this does not work or the condition is chronic then you definitely need to consult a dentist. Or else you can also visit the site http://austinsmiles. Raw vegetables are a healthy snack and they will also help in cleaning your teeth. Do read and understand the ‘patented’ process before rushing to buy some.

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