You purchased this new mobile of yours some time back

You purchased this new mobile of yours some time back and now you are upset that you are not having one of the most updated version of android in your handset, but don’t worry anymore as after reading the below you will become a proud owner of google android 4.0.3 ice cream Sandwich version.

Recently i have came to know thorough one of my friend that Sony is selling its various handset with android 4.0 in them, but this act of there’s is restricted to few countries only and ours is not one of them . In fact lately there have been many articles on internet which are trying to help you in upgrading your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray with the latest android version in market, but due to various problems you are unable to do the same.

But if you will follow each and every step explained below i am pretty sure that you will be successful in making your Sony Ericsson mobile phone one of the most updated handset in terms of operating system. But there are certain thing you must know before you proceed with the same, for example you can loss the warranty of your handset as because this process is a manual one, but don’t worry as you can reclaim the same as this process of updating the operating system is official, in fact the latest update by the company is out in market with the name ‘4.1.A.0.562’.

Make sure that you are trying these below steps on Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray only, as applying the some on any other may cause damage to that handset. Also if the handset you are using is rooted, then after using these step the same will get void, therefore be sure if you are OK with the same

Before you start with the main procedure, manual ice cream cone filling machine make sure that you have secure backup of all the various data which is there in your Sony mobile phone like SMS, MMS, messages, phone book, call details etc, so that in case while completing the process if you lose the data you can restore the same. SMS can be saved with the help of ‘SMS backup and restore app’, contacts can be sync with the gmail application and the rest can be saved with the help of an external SD card. Once the same is done remove SIM card and SD card from your mobile as its is recommended.

Second step says that you have to disable the antivirus system in your device as it may interrupt the activity and the battery should be fully charged so that the process is not discontinued in the middle.

Please not further steps can be found on the next page, but before moving on to those steps make sure that you have followed these properly. As we all know that Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray price in India in pretty high and you would never like to lose you handset because of a silly mistake of your’s.

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