How to extend a vertical roller mill service life

The basic production modernization, sand making machine is a necessary equipment, compared to the equipment and other traditional sand production equipment has great advantages, the use of technology is more advanced, higher production efficiency. But in the actual operation of the process many users due to operational reasons or maintenance is not in place and cause the service life of the equipment is greatly damaged, making the vertical impact broken scrapped in advance. So how can prolong the service life of the vertical roller mill ? Vertical impact broken have a great quantity of task at the time of production, it is necessary to timely add grease after whenever the equipment running four hundred hours, the use of more than two thousand hours to carry out a full range of inspection equipment, especially the bearing to the cleaning and maintenance, once the vertical roller mill impact rupture life of more than seven thousand hours, it is necessary to replace the new bearing.These are some of the basic maintenance skills, once do not pay attention to will make the service life of the equipment is greatly reduced. The vertical roller mill before operation, timely adjustments to some facilities for the equipment, especially for the transmission of triangle belt tension must be timely adjusted to keep it uniform stress.

In general, vertical roller mill are used in basic equipment driven by double motors, when double motor running, for both sides of the triangle belt vertical impact broken to rational grouping, makes the length of each group maintains height to agree. When the vertical roller mill impact breaking operation must do daily maintenance work, wear in time to check their internal, and some other fragile objects, such as impeller, feeding pipe, circular guard board and wear-resisting block and so on, once found wear too serious if related parts replacement. But also note that when broken equipment operating in the vertical roller mill impact not observed, so the probability will only increase personal safety accident. As a common sand making machine, the application of vertical roller mill impact broken at present is very broad. But in the process of application for a variety of reasons and made the equipment appeared some fault and aging, once the maintenance treatment is not timely, it will lead to greatly reduce the service life of equipment. So all of the operating personnel must have a high degree of attention, do a good job of vertical roller mill impact breaking and the maintenance work, ensure the normal operation of equipment.

New ultrafine mill to drive new situation

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, non-metallic mineral powder, ultrafine mill in the industrial field of application gradually expanded, non-metallic mineral mill equipment market demand also increased. In this context, our company for the nature of non-metallic minerals and the characteristics of China’s mines, the new launch of a highly efficient ultrafine grinding machine.

The series of products in our original patented product based on the innovative design, research and development, it fully combines the use of a large number of our non-metallic mineral grinding users and recommendations, so many of its Optimization and improvement are more in line with the user’s habits and production requirements.

First, it is in the body and the base using a soft connection, which effectively avoid the body and the analysis machine vibration, improve the powder selection accuracy. Second, in order to reduce the cost of manual input and improve the degree of automation of the mill, our analysis machine adopts frequency control, energy saving effect, control precision and maneuverability are greatly improved. Third, the bypass powder feeder design to improve the efficiency of the election, for the collection of the general collector is difficult to collect the fine particles have a good collection effect. Fourth, the milling system in the negative pressure state of operation, are closed circuit system, to avoid the phenomenon of dust spill.

Raymond mill system design optimize

Raymond mill in recent years in a variety of areas of development speed is fast, Raymond mill’s own continuous optimization and upgrading also makes Raymond mill domestic demand has increased again and again. As the development of China’s industrial economy, we are more and more demand for Raymond mill, the same, in order to protect the equipment to meet the social industry development, we are for the development of the industry, Raymond mill structural equipment requirements are also getting higher and higher.

For the raymond mill system, its most basic and most important is the Raymond mill structure, fully show the Raymond mill structure, it also shows that Raymond mill system structure of the perfect design, will make Raymond mill system The performance greatly improved. So, first of all, the church how to understand the structure of the system, the structure is no doubt that the basic structure of the introduction of equipment, Raymond mill structure is also the case, from the structure, we can see is The following major equipment components of the Raymond mill system. The first is more important, the machine’s brain and the most powerful weapon for the mill, the host and the analyzer.

At the same time, also includes a variety of device piping, the introduction of the material of the blower, forming the finished product after the separator. Various forms of crusher, repeat the work of fine grinding. Finally, the hoist, feeder and the more important parts of the motor and other parts. Which focuses on the main part of the Raymond mill, Raymond mill structure can be fully seen, the main host by the rack, into the volute volute, blade, shell and motor and other parts of the composition, collaboration, perfect show mine The value of the use of grinding system.

a variety of problems from construction waste crusher

The way to solve a variety of problems from coal mining to the application will encounter. In the promotion of the development trend of the industry of mechanical science and technology, modern, the field of coal mining equipment constantly updated and improved, with a construction waste crusher automation coal emerge as the times require. This machine is Zenith’s engineer according to Huainan a large coal production line restructuring into, has installed 4 control station, 4 sets of video segmentation, 20 monitoring probe device, so that each belt production line is running all by the centralized control system for real-time monitoring, the system is composed of sensors and a programmable logic controller, effectively avoid the artificial operation fault.

And the automatic control of belt conveyor for coal and more accurate, greatly reducing the belt conveyor coal phenomenon, effectively improve the coal processing continuity, safety and product quality. Coal mining determines the coal production, while the coal utilization efficiency, but also from a certain aspect determines the consumption of coal resources. The solution also pointed out that common coal is lignite, bituminous coal, anthracite, semi anthracite and so on several high quality coal, coke products of Shi Zimei as the combustion of coal, the same need specific stone coal conveying system for processing, to solve the coal use Chinese source utilization is not enough phenomenon. At present, many large domestic coal application department, attach importance to the stone coal is not enough, did not achieve the ideal effect of application, the use of automation in coal can be composed of sensors and other equipment easy detection and sorting out of stone coal use belt conveyor for reuse in transportation, separation.

the domestic milling industry development

At present, the domestic milling industry has a higher demand for the fineness and purity of the materials. In order to meet the needs of the market, various enterprises are digging new milling technology in order to be able to take the leading position in the domestic counterparts. Common milling equipment Raymond Mill, ball mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, ground mill, ultrafine mill, in the end what kind of mill is the customer really need it? Here we come to listen to the domestic application of some customers in the field of view.

Shanxi customers: Our company is mainly building materials, such as cement, lime powder, etc., because the level of concrete ratio is different, then the quality of the required aggregate is also different. From the cement material this one, the processing fineness from 200-2500 mesh have, we need the cement aggregate is the finer the better, so we must choose ultrafine air mill. Shanxi mill industry, ultrafine powder technology development is still very good, the manufacturer for customers to consider is also very comprehensive, according to our production line requirements to choose a different milling equipment. I believe that ultrafine mill will be in the broader market access to applications, to play a greater value.