The main principle of construction waste crusher

The main principle of construction waste crusher is that motivated the movable jaw to run, and the eccentric wheel and the connecting rod moves  bottom along the counter clockwise direction to run continuously, to the fixed jaw direction constantly doing elliptical motion. At the same time crushing reciprocating machine to maintain a certain angle with the fixed jaw by extrusion and vibration on the movable jaw plate above the ore breaking.

But when the actual operation will inevitably has some problems, so construction waste crusher sales in the operation of the existing problems are what? Construction waste crusher in the production process, if the jaw at 0 degrees to 270 degrees between the word is the working stroke, if located at 270 DEG to 360 DEG between is air travel, so it is easy to increase the overall non productive power consumption load, but also often overweight and lead to the emergence of serious abrasion of equipment spare parts.

When the ore is sticky when wet, SP construction waste crusher jaw plate machine is easy to feed and cause plugging material outlet, thereby affecting the production of. If in the production was met with smooth surface and some special shape of ore, so when the feed construction waste crusher run time equipment export is easy to pop the return ores, production efficiency so that the whole will be greatly affected, even the occurrence of safety accidents in production.

In the production process, if the ore is flat layered structure, then the construction waste crusher machine in the production process is easy to form the product flat strip-shaped, affected the subsequent production demand. In the SP construction waste crusher machine when production, if fixed between the movable jaw plate screw and processed materials don’t match each other, it is easy to loose and vibration, and the occurrence of uneven damage phenomenon, it will lead to a serious decline in the overall production efficiency.

Easy wear parts at the same time construction waste crusher after a long period of operation will be very easy to appear different degree of loosening, which lead to low efficiency of production and production accidents. construction waste crusher exist at the time of production machine problem is varied, the above for everybody detailed introduction of several common problems, hope to be able to cause the attention of the user.

For all the operating personnel, to promote the construction waste crusher production efficiency, based on safety standard operation on the equipment should pay attention to maintenance measures of routine, find fault and damage to timely related maintenance, so that it can guarantee the maximum efficiency of production.