production process of stone crusher

Red mud, because of the red mud like its name. Red mud is the biggest waste generated in the production process of alumina, the biggest source of pollution is also inĀ stone crusher. The production method of bauxite and taste different, each producing a ton of alumina red mud generated about 0.5 ~ 2.5 tons, per ton of red mud also comes with 3 ~ 4m3 of alkali containing waste liquid. According to different production methods of alumina red mud, can be divided into sintering, Bayer red mud and combined method three.

Because the abundance of different content of bauxite, the approach taken in stone crusher at home and abroad are also different. In addition to China and the former Soviet Union, other countries are using the Bayer process production, Bayer production accounts for more than 90% of the total world output.

Bayer is manufactured using, high aluminum, high iron, boehmite and gibbsite type bauxite dissolving alkali NaOH of red mud produced in alumina, ferric oxide, high alkali content; sintering method and combined method of treatment is high aluminum, high silicon and low iron, diaspore, kaolinite in bauxite insoluble, red mud CaO content produced high alkali and low Fe content.

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