Crusher machines used in marble mining

As the stone reserves of power, China is rich in stone resources, stone resources, has proven reserves of up to 1 trillion tons, ranking third in the world, the stone output in 2008 was 27. 16 tons, accounting for 39 of the total output of stone in the world. 4%, is the world’s largest stone producing countries. So far, our main energy or marble processing.

Opencast marble processing are distributed in the provinces of China, characteristics of opencast marble processing is abundant reserves, marble processing near surface distance, so can the earth separation orebody surface, direct mining stone from top to bottom, compared with the underground marble processing has many obvious advantages: Mining easy, convenient use of large mining machinery high efficiency, high production efficiency, and the production cost can be reduced by more than 50%. Due to the above reasons, to improve marble processing capacity and the level of technology and equipment, to promote the development and utilization of stone resources is of great significance in our reasonable and efficient.

As the leader Chinese mining machinery, Shanghai SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to lead the development of the times, the development of new technology, new technology and new equipment to strengthen. According to the characteristics of open pit marble processing of our country, the rubber tyred series mobile Shanghai SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopts advanced technology developed crushing station, with high performance, high stability, beautiful appearance, reached the international advanced level of similar products, to meet market demand.

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