limestone mill of gain and loss

The resistance of concrete carbonation, generally the carbonation depth of concrete structures to represent. The relative carbonation depth is smaller, said anti carbonization ability, limestone mill carbonation coefficient is less than 1, which indicated the effects of limestone on concrete carbonation contribution.

Of course, in order to facilitate the clear analysis of limestone mill of gain and loss, conversion efficiency parameters can also be unified concept, but it is necessary to make the appropriate instructions, so as to avoid misunderstanding. In the composite technology using the limestone and superplasticizer and other chemical additives or other mineral powder (referred to as the double doped Technology), to use the efficiency parameters of composite effect. This situation often encountered in practical engineering, without the general analysis, however when the efficiency evaluation, to be considered.

In the current promotion of limestone mill in new technology, the general is the use of limestone mill and cement concrete as reference, efficiency evaluation of limestone mills remain equal work and 28d compressive strength conditions. But for some concrete engineering or special performance requirements of the limestone mill, can not fully considered the work and 28d strength requirements.

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