the crushing efficiency of jaw crusher

The shape and size of the jaw crusher toggle plate should meet the following requirements. First, in order to prevent overload and blockage of the machine, the material entering the jaw crusher toggle plate should not be more than the material that can be broken and discharged in a unit time.

Second, in order to ensure uniform load of the machine, The operation is stable, the crushing plate is evenly worn, and the material is evenly distributed in the jaw crusher toggle plate.

Thirdly, the crushing efficiency is improved for the plant to prevent clogging and over-grinding, and the crushed material should be discharged smoothly from the jaw crusher toggle plate; In order to ensure that the fineness and shape of the product is a cube, a fine crusher, the lower part of the jaw crusher toggle plate should have parallel zones.

With the establishment of a mathematical model that accurately describes the crushing process, the design of the jaw crusher toggle plate gradually tends to develop in the direction of the deep cavity, and the plugging phenomenon is gradually improved, and even the shape of the non-blocking crushing cavity can be completely overcome.

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