the mining machinery industry

As an important part of the national economic construction, the mining machinery industry has achieved the development before the reform and opening up. Among them, the progress of the portable crusher industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, mainly in the continuous improvement of technical strength and the increasing scale of the industry.

Although compared with developed countries, China’s crusher industry appeared late, but the development of the stamina is full, and the achievements are also very significant. Especially in recent years, with the active guidance and support of national policies, domestic demand has continuously increased. At the same time, China‚Äôs accession to the World Trade Organization has gradually opened up the international market. In a good economic development environment, the scale of the domestic crusher industry Constantly expanding, the technical level of some large crusher companies has reached the world level.

However, while we see the results, we cannot ignore the problems that still exist. For example, the independent innovation capability of enterprises is still not high. In particular, some small and medium-sized crusher enterprises do not pay attention to the investment in scientific and technological innovation in order to save production costs, and imitate other people’s products to obtain short-term economic benefits. Extremely unfavorable; at the same time, with the increasingly fierce market competition, due to the lack of effective management, the market is chaotic, and some low-end products on the market are shoddy and fake, and there is a mixed situation.

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