Manufacturing process of construction waste crusher

Construction waste crusher with high strength materials and advanced manufacturing technology, especially has a good treatment effect for some hard, strong abrasive materials, from equipment to equipment motor wear parts, each part material have become the bane of wear. The whole structure of construction waste crusher has higher strength, higher reliability, lower than crushing advantage of larger, higher yield, comprehensive cost.

Secondly, in the manufacturing process, crusher adopts motion method machine is the four connecting rod mechanism design theory on the most advanced international. The various machining and assembly process is also following the twentieth Century was developed in the 70’s.. Wear-resistant materials used model quality as an important parts, such as bearings, jaw, eccentric shaft and other materials, which in keeping the device performance at the same time, greatly reduces the weight of the equipment, which brings great convenience for installation, lifting, maintenance.

The motor is mounted on the frame to reduce the installation space, adjustable discharge opening device for gear mechanical control and convenient adjustment, each aspect of the process is simplified, the split structure has the very good application in the equipment export container, underground, tunnel construction etc..

construction waste crusher: