Crysis Mod Maniac Full

Crysis Mod: ManiacPeople presented doomsday not once, adding the fatal role of executioner both a flood, both dreadful disease or nuclear war. In business all turned out a few экзотичнее. Collapsing on one of remote islands an asteroid appeared an enormous spaceship, capable fully to change the climate of Earth. Leavings on the study of anomaly detachments of North Korea and USA appeared the unique defenders of humanity. Prepared face to face to run into an unknown enemy — in this battle a deciding role is taken you!
A new keen fantastic hit of Crysis is of genius creation of company Crytek Studios, famous for a project FarCry! Coming players to become the fighters of elite American subdivision and to leave on an island, where was found out the spaceship of aliens. Outward things change constantly, enormous territories in a moment are covered ice, hurricanes and tornados rage around. But the most important — on an island there are those, who going to exterminate humanity!
About this mod:This the “mod”, done in Sandbox 2. He increases in times the amount of enemies at level, and also weapon, cartridges, bonuses, and every other objects, helping in extermination of Koreans!

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