To be really good, the maps must speak proficient in the sleep

CS: GO includes many different maps. It takes a while until you find yourself on each of them and the paths we have already learned. You always have the radar in the upper left corner, which facilitates orientation.

To be really good, the maps must speak proficient in the sleep. Maybe not all, but at least the maps that are relevant in our Betting fighting mode. There is a group, the so-called “Active Duty Group”, which always includes the seven maps that come to the time in professional competitions used.

Maps for the bomb scenario are mostly built by the three-way principle. That is the view of the terrorists there is a route to the bomb location A, a route to the bombsite B and a middle route connecting paths to the other routes, or directly to the bombsites.

It is not enough to be able to only know the routes and be oriented. One must also know the details of the maps. For example, where often lurking enemy, which you can use everything as cover, where you can by shooting, to which at higher elevations to get there and much more. To find out all this helps next to play a lot and experienced players to look at and to watch videos with appropriate advice.

Also, “timing” is an essential part. This means that you know exactly when you can be as quick as possible at a certain point of the map, and when this is the first time may occur enemy contact. In other words, it is about where and when the two teams meet in the normal case.

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